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    mobile device with lots of unsecured apps

    The reality is, mobile devices are less safe than desktop computers. Boosting security on such devices is essential if you use them in business.   Technological breakthroughs have streamlined your operations in several ways. Primarily, you can now use mobile devices to make your communication and data sharing more convenient.   But this technological advancement also means that information on your team members' mobile devices is no longer limited...

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    VPN SGN Hands with Tablet showing a secure VPN connection

    Public networks expose your business to security threats. Switching to a VPN can greatly help in reducing those threats.   Many companies rely on public networks for communication and data sharing. It allows them to cut costs and allocate their funds elsewhere.   However, it also raises several security issues.   For starters, the network provider might be monitoring the activity, which gives them access to customer details, emails, and critical...

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    Collaboration on a global scale with VR and AR

    Scaling your business doesn’t just entail having suitable systems, staff, or partners. It also includes finding new and innovative ways to save time and money. And that’s where Virtual Reality (VR) technology comes in.   What is virtual reality, or VR?   VR is the technology that immerses you in a simulated digital environment. Wearing headsets and glasses, you enter the digital simulation and have a real-world experience.   When you...

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    3D Printer Head for home or industrial use

    Printing is an age-old technology that has revolutionised the industry over the ages. From the old press printers that were used a couple of centuries ago, to the modern-day laser printer: using such technology has allowed us to create and distribute books, newspapers, posters and photographs to the masses. However, the main limitation of printing is that it can only be done in 2D, which limits...

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