In order to provide the best quality service we assign tickets different priorities based on their impact and urgency. The priority assigned determines what resolution and response times you can expect for the ticket. Below details how we determine what the priority of a ticket is:

High: Whole company is affected
Medium: Departments or large group of users are affected
Low: One user or a small group of users is affected

High: Critical – Major business processes are stopped
Medium: Business is degraded, but there is a reasonable workaround
Low: More of an irritation than a stoppage

From these we then use this matrix to determine the priority of the ticket:

High Urgency Medium Urgency Standard Urgency
High Impact 1 2 3
Medium Impact 2 3 4
Low Impact 3 4 4

Note: Priority 1 tickets can only be logged via a phone call to the help desk

The following table details how many business hours it will take for the different phases of your ticket depending on the priority. These are the times it should take and we will always endeavour to resolve tickets quicker.

Priority Respond Within Plan Within Resolved Within
1 – Critical 0.25 0.5 4
2 – High 1 2 8
3 – Medium 1 5 24
4 – Standard 1 8 48

Service levels apply to business hours only. These are:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 17:30pm London Time(GMT/BST) unless otherwise stated in your contract. This excludes public and bank holidays.

Service levels are only provided for customers on a Managed Services Contract.