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    Data entry can be a real drag for salespeople. The time they spend on administrative tasks is time away from customer interactions. But that data is vital. It’s important to capture customer orders, quotes, needs, and more. Lead and sales reporting help sales managers know where to direct their attention. Analytics also help drive more efficient ways of closing the deal. Microsoft has taken up the mantle...

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    The holiday shopping season is taking off. This means that scammers have also revved up their engines. They're primed and ready to take advantage of all those online transactions. Don’t forget to stay safe online during the buying frenzy that occurs this time of year. An ounce of cybersecurity prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. It can also save you from a financial or...

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    Microsoft Building where the decision was made to increase services charges for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft’s increasing the cost of 365 in March. Here’s how to freeze your price! In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s increasing its subscription prices for Microsoft 365 in March. It’s the first big price rise for a decade. And you can expect to pay around 20 to 40 per cent more. In fact, it’s not just a price increase. Microsoft’s also changing the way it sells 365. It’s...

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    Pieces of circuit boards (Technology Investment)

    In this article, we present 3 ways to safeguard your IT assets through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).   Introduction   Our first responsibility as your Technology Success Partner (TSP) is to efficiently manage your network and technology investments and assets in order to keep them safe and optimised so that you can stay productive. We use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and secure your organisation...

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    Fraud free xmas

    This week brings the start of the online shopping event known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  With most high street shops closed for lockdown; the biggest online retail event of the year is expected to be bigger than ever. Be warned, this increase in internet shopping brings increased dangers to consumers. Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated and convincing techniques. Unsuspecting shoppers looking to bag a...

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    Hello everyone, today I will be discussing Bitcoins. Some of you may already know of BitCoins but the large majority will never have heard of it. So I will be explaining to you what they are, how you obtain them and what you can use them for. What are BitCoins? BitCoins are an online currency (also know as e-cash) that was created in January 2009 by Satoshi...

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