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Support: 0208 1668 716 | Sales: 0330 1224 420

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    About Us

    Leading IT Support and CyberSecurity Services in Kingston upon Thames and beyond

    IQ in IT sets the benchmark for excellence in IT support and cybersecurity. Based in Kingston upon Thames, with additional locations in Croydon and Northumberland, we support clients around the world. Our commitment to providing unparalleled security, exceptional customer service, and sustainable practices sets us apart in the industry.

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    Sustainability at IQ in IT

    In addition to our focus on security and quality, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility. We hold the Green Mark Level 3 accreditation, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. Our green initiatives include:

    Paperless Technology: Reducing paper waste in our operations
    Electric Vehicles: Using eco-friendly transportation for client visits
    Hardware Recycling: Promoting responsible disposal and recycling of IT equipment
    These efforts help us reduce our carbon footprint and support eco-friendly practices.

    Why Choose IQ in IT?

    With our comprehensive suite of certifications and accreditations, IQ in IT is the logical best choice for organizations seeking top-notch IT support and cybersecurity services in Kingston upon Thames and beyond. We offer:

    Unmatched Security: Ensuring your data is protected with the highest security standards
    Customer Service Excellence: Providing responsive and personalized support
    Global Support: Assisting clients worldwide with our expertise
    Sustainability: Committed to reducing environmental impact through green practices

    Our Locations

    Kingston upon Thames: Our headquarters, serving as the central hub for our operations
    Croydon: Providing local support and services to the surrounding areas
    Northumberland: Extending our reach and support across the region

    Contact Us

    Are you looking for reliable IT support and cybersecurity services in Kingston upon Thames or other locations? Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization achieve excellence in IT solutions while maintaining top security and sustainability standards.

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    Certifications and Accreditations

    We are proud to hold the following certifications, showcasing our commitment to international standards and best practices:

    • ISO27001 accredited 
    • ISO9001 quality management
    • Cyber Essentials Certified
    • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
    • Silver Microsoft Partner 
    • Dell Partner
    • Ombudsman Services 
    • Federation of Communication Services (FCS)
    • Kingston Chamber of Commerce Patron
    • Disability Confident Committed Employer 
    • Cyber Essentials Certification body

    These certifications ensure the highest levels of security and data protection for our clients, guaranteeing that we meet rigorous international standards.

    Our Statements

    Revolutionise the IT Support industry.

    Secure and sustainable business IT, with customer service at heart.

    To value sustainability over profit, all of our decisions are taken in light of our aim to work towards carbon neutrality.

    Meet Your New Team

    Chief Emotional Officer

    Dora, our beloved Chief Emotions Officer, is not only a treasured member of our team but also a remarkable rescue from the Czech Republic. Her journey to us adds an extra layer of appreciation for her presence and resilience. In her role, Dora extends her support to our staff, providing comfort and companionship whenever needed. Beyond her emotional support, she plays a pivotal role in securing the perimeters of our Kingston HQ, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone within. Dora's dual role as both protector and morale booster embodies the essence of teamwork and care within our organization. We are incredibly grateful for her presence and unwavering dedication to our team's well-being.

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

    Kat, our Chief Executive Officer, has a captivating journey. While pursuing her bachelor's degree at university, she made the bold move from the Czech Republic, balancing her education with roles in IT management. Despite the challenges, she achieved a master's degree in 2018 while also running IQ in IT. Her dedication to both academia and career has been instrumental in shaping IQ in IT. Kat's leadership extends beyond business as she champions representation in STEM and the business community, serving as President of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. Passionate about nature, she actively seeks ways to protect the environment. Kat's multifaceted contributions make her an inspiration to us all.

    Technical Director and Co-Founder

    Luke, IQ in IT’s second founder and Technical Director, plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our innovation. His drive to find solutions to complex technical and operational problems is unmatched. While optimizing processes for our partners remains at the core of our business, Luke ensures that our internal tools are continuously enhanced for productivity. This allows our teams to dedicate more time to our partners and less time to administrative tasks. His expertise is showcased in his blog, offering insight into the exceptional work he does. In essence, Luke builds virtual bridges between third-party software like Microsoft 365 and Azure, client access portals, documentation tools, and remote monitoring applications, all while maintaining a bulletproof security umbrella. Unless he’s busy with our CEO Dora, as she does require her daily belly rubs.


    Jean is our number cruncher! Whilst she has been with us for 10 years and is completely part of our team, Jean is in fact an outsourced number cruncher. We outsource and leave the numbers to her - meaning, we have more budget and time for us to really focus on the tech-related stuff. Jean chose finance due to the soft and hard skills that are so transferable. What she probably didn’t imagine, was that she would use those number-crunching skills to calculate just how many pieces were needed for her super amazing Lego Hogwarts monolith. Honestly, it’s really impressive and with all these skills, we have a feeling, we may just all be muggles to her!

    Operations Manager

    Blake's journey at IQ in IT began through an apprenticeship scheme in IT, marking the start of his tech-focused career. Over time, Blake has established himself as an exceptional technician, fueled by his fascination for technology's rapid evolution. However, his tenure at IQ in IT has revealed another passion: helping people and enhancing their experiences. This newfound dedication has propelled Blake back into formal education, where he recently achieved 1st class in his degree apprenticeship and gained Chartered Manager status. Blake's commitment to optimizing client experiences and managing colleague experiences has elevated his service to new heights, earning him rave reviews from numerous clients. This dedication has also led to his advancement within the company, from Support Technician to Operations Manager. Beyond the office, Blake spends his time training in sword fighting or polishing his full suit of armor—truly embodying the heroic spirit of IQ in IT's Knight in Shining Armor.

    Managing Director

    Rick became a part of our team in early 2023, stepping into the role of our Quality Assurance Manager. Working tirelessly across our various departments, Rick ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality service to our clients. Always proactive, he actively seeks out new methods to enhance our operations and implement efficient systems throughout the business. Additionally, Rick brings his passion for plants and nature to the team, serving as our resident ``green thumb``. He's currently spearheading the creation of a courtyard garden at our HQ, using British-grown and native plants to attract wildlife. In a recent development, Rick has been appointed as our Managing Director, further solidifying his role in guiding the company towards success.

    IT Support

    Andrew's journey prior to joining our team in 2023 involved a role as a Data Entry Administrator, where he swiftly transitioned into IT due to his demonstrated passion and aptitude for the field. Throughout his previous experiences, he amassed extensive expertise in problem-solving, design scoping, planning, development upgrades, network and infrastructure enhancements, and critical PC deployments. Operating within a customer-centric environment, Andrew excelled in identifying and fulfilling client needs, drawing from his extensive LAN/WAN, hardware, and software proficiency. He consistently achieved objectives within budget constraints and tight deadlines, adhering to demanding SLAs.

    IT Support

    Alex, another valued member of our team, initially joined us through an apprenticeship scheme. Since completing his apprenticeship in 2019, Alex has become an indispensable asset to our company. His diverse skill set allows him to handle responsibilities ranging from combined first and second line support to managing email, phone, and data migrations. Alex's contributions have been pivotal in several key projects, and his unconventional degree in 'Zoology with Conservation' has proven invaluable as we strive towards carbon neutrality. In addition to his professional achievements, Alex recently took on the role of Helpdesk Escalations Manager, further showcasing his leadership and problem-solving abilities. Outside of work, Alex is a dedicated family person, and he enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He has also embarked on various ventures, including building an arcade machine filled with classic games for his father. His commitment to using technology to improve the world aligns perfectly with our company ethos, making Alex an exemplary representative of our values.

    IT Support

    Damien, a Mechanical Engineering master's graduate from the University of Southampton, brings valuable expertise in systems automation to our team. Collaborating closely with Luke, our Technical Director, Damien has emerged as a leader in innovation within our business. He has successfully delivered numerous automation projects, demonstrating his exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Outside of work, Damien volunteers at ``Coptic City Mission,`` a local charity in Pimlico, where he contributes to feeding the homeless of London. His dedication to both professional excellence and community service reflects his commitment to making a positive impact on the world around him.

    Customer Experience Manager

    Katy has many years of experience in the MSP industry as an engineer in customer facing roles. She has joined our team in 2023 and head up our Northumberland office.

    IT Support

    Ryan joined our team at the beginning of 2024 and has quickly made a name for himself among our clients, consistently earning top scores in client feedback. Ryan is an integral part of our Scottish team, bringing his expertise and dedication to our mission.

    IT Support

    Michael recently joined our team as a Field Engineer, bringing with him a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm. With a focus on visiting our clients, Michael ensures seamless technical support and assistance on-site. His dedication to delivering exceptional service and solving complex issues makes him a valuable asset to our team. Welcome aboard, Michael!

    Sales representative

    Louis is our Sales Executive here at IQ in IT. He joined IQ in IT through the kickstart scheme but is such a people person he has now moved to an apprentice role. Louis searches and engages with potential clients by keeping them up to date on the ever-changing industry that is IT by sending them promotional material and inviting people to webinars. He always saw himself working in the tech industry by tinkering with electronics and computer parts when he was younger. Louis also enjoys gaming in his free time.

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