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    Company News

    IQ in IT celebrated their 14th anniversary this month! To celebrate, IQ in IT organized a two-day extravaganza. The first day being an adrenaline-filled laser quest event to quaint and tasty dinner the next with the team. With this celebration, we wanted to have a look book on the many growths of our small yet powerful company.  Since being established in 2008, IQ in IT has grown...

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    Chessington expo

    Join our friendly team at the Chessington Business Expo on Wednesday 26th October 2022 to discuss how managed IT services can improve your business operations and help reduce your carbon emissions to boot.   We are going to be right in front of you as you enter, towards the rear of the expo floor inside Chessington school.   It's going to be a great opportunity for networking with local...

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    On the 25th of September IQ in IT, aka Run as Admin, battled the mud at the Tough Mudder marathon in the hopes of raising money for the Kingston Hospital Charity. We had been given the amazing opportunity to fundraise for the Kingston Hospital Charity to help raise funds for the Paediatric department at Kingston Hospital. They are in desperate need of some digital play equipment...

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    From left to right: Louis, Kafia, Katerina

    IQ in IT had the opportunity to be a part of the careers fair, held by the South London Partnership, and discuss technological opportunities plus apprenticeships at Chessington School. As our own team consists of many apprentices, we wanted to show that anybody with a passion for technology can join the IT industry. With technology not just being the future but the present, lots of students...

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    IQ in IT @ Kingston Expo 2022

    We had a great day at the Kingston Expo this year, organised by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. Starting off the day with a lovely networking breakfast early in the morning, all of us were ready and ramped up for the event to start. The event started at 9:30am and was ushered in by two impactful speeches by the Councillor Yogan Yoganathan, mayor of Kingston-Upon-Thames,...

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    A plant growing out of Earth globe in someones hands

    Earth Day Today is the day when we are supposed to look back and appreciate what our home has provided for us, reflect on the impact we’ve had on it and then think of beneficial changes that we can (and will!) commit to moving forward. A man in Wisconsin by the name Senator Gaylord Nelson, founded the movement on April 22, 1969, in the wake of an...

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    Typewriter with Review written on a piece of Paper

    To be and stay profitable and productive, businesses simply need technology. However, not all technologies can deliver on their promised benefits. That is why Technology Business Reviews (TBRs) are necessary to ensure that your investments are still worthwhile. KPGM even goes as far as saying that IT needs to employ an operating model that is agile, dynamic, and adaptive to both business needs and market demands...

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    Person choosing a rating to demonstrate the importance of online reputation management

    Online reputation can make or break your chances of landing and retaining clients. That’s why managing this aspect in your business is critical. Your store, whether brick-and-mortar or online, looks great. And your product or service may have struck a chord with the target audience. So, you might think there’s not much more you can do to optimise your business. But you’re forgetting a crucial aspect –...

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    Defend and Invest Cover

    Did you get a short break at Christmas? Even if it was just a few days, that break can give you huge clarity of thinking about where to take your business this year. We call this the January Refresh & Refocus. Let us tell you the two technology areas that will be the most important in 2022. They are Defend and Invest. Defend is about protecting your business...

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    With the continuing shift towards remote working, health is an ongoing concern. Find out how to stay healthy even when you’re working from home.   The global pandemic resulted in many workplaces implementing work-from-home policies. In doing so, many of these workplaces have discovered that there are benefits to providing employees with the option of doing their work remotely.   And these benefits are pronounced. According to a survey...

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