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    Leased Lines for Business

    Dedicated internet access for your business


    Leased lines for business are ideal for providing a secure, reliable and guaranteed bandwidth for your data, internet and voice services giving your business consistent connectivity all day, every day. If your business relies on an internet connection then you can make sure you get the speed you need and bandwidth you can rely on, all the time.


    Instead of a broadband line which works on a shared platform you can have a single leased line dedicated to your business. Leased lines will boost your bandwidth and prevent any bottlenecks or dips in service, meaning you never have to worry about busy periods, heavy data usage or losing connection at important moments.

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    Accreditations and partnerships 

    • ISO27001 accredited 
    • Silver Microsoft Partner 
    • Dell Partner 
    • Datto Partner 
    • Ombudsman Services 
    • Federation of Communication Services (FCS)
    • Kingston Chamber of Commerce Patron
    • Disability Confident Committed Employer 
    Leased lines connectivity

    Why leased lines are worth every penny

    The value of a leased line can not be understated, for SMBs leased lines can offer both dedicated speeds as well as security and guaranteed performance. Businesses with multiple offices or that heavily rely on connectivity in their workforce or data transfer operations gain significant advantages over standard broadband services.


    Downloading or sending large files and VoIP conference calls can be interrupted by a poor internet connection. Leased Lines are the most reliable of all connectivity options on the market. The connectivity they provide can vastly improve the way your business works making the whole organisation run more efficiently.

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    They have the same upload and download speed, unlike traditional asymmetrical broadband, like ADSL, which sees upload speeds hugely reduced in favour of high download speeds.



    Leased lines are, by definition, uncontended connections, the bandwidth is not shared amongst the other users of a local area preventing the slowdown of connection.

    Point to point


    A dedicated leased line connects two points together, for example the ISP with a business location meaning your connection won’t be hampered by peak times throughout the day.


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