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    Training and Testing

    Training and testing is an important first line defence


    Technical security measures like anti-virus and mail filtering measures aren’t a silver bullet for preventing threats like phishing and ransomware, that’s where training and testing can be vital. Ultimately, humans are the first line of defence and they need to be trained to detect threats when technology inevitably fails.

    Empower the workforce and secure your business

    Measure, reduce and monitor employee cyber risk through automated Human Risk Management (HRM), the new class of user-focused security which uses fully automated solutions that enables businesses to understand and monitor their human risk areas., whilst driving secure human behaviour through user-tailored training, regular phishing simulations and
    simplified policy management.

    Drive Cyber Awareness

    By identifying each user’s security knowledge gaps and automating training programs that tackle their risk you can save time, engage your workforce with personalised programmes and cover the essentials of cyber security.


    Understand user vulnerability to evolving cyber threats.


    Strengthen user resilience with tailored training programs.


    Measure the impact of training and combat future threats.

    Common security issues

    Over 90% of data breaches are the result of human error

    80% of businesses have experienced an increase in cybercrime

    Phishing increased by 667% in 2020

    Cloud-based attacks are up by 625%

    Business email compromise fraud is up by 200%

    How human risk management helps

    Regular employee training reduces cybersecurity incidents by 70%

    Even the “least effective” programs have a seven-fold ROI

    86% of CISOs listed improving security standards as a top priority

    93% of security professionals agree that strong human and machine

    Security protection is the most effective way to prevent disaster


    Humans are an organisation’s strongest line of defence

    You can be prepared for new types of cyber attacks by boosting phishing resilience. Using regular automated phishing simulations that assess human risk it’s possible to monitor this risk. Provide training programmes for your workforce to keep everyone up to date.

    User-tailored training

    Identify and tackle each persons’ high-risk areas first and address any issues with a tailored training programme for their particular risk areas. A Gap Analysis Questionnaire can be used to discover any lack of security knowledge.

    Human risk reporting

    Understanding where the human risk areas lie within your business at any one time is vitally important to tackle security issues. By tracking risk over time and attributing grades it’s possible to show progression and demonstrate compliance.

    Comprehensive solution

    More than just security awareness training, a system of detection is in place if credentials are compromised on the Dark Web. You can keep staff updated on policies and processes, and track signatures, allowing for easy external access for auditors, making demonstrating compliance simple.

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