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    January 2022

    Someone typing on Laptop with text on light blue background: The Security Problem of John's Other Laptop, How to keep your business’s data ultra-safe during the Work From Home revolution

    How to keep your business’s data ultra-safe during the Work From Home revolution Working From Home and hybrid working are here to stay. And that means as businesses, we need to get a grip on cybersecurity in our staff’s homes as much as we do in the office space. We’ve written a new guide to help you out. It can be very daunting to think about all...

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    Person drinking something in front of the laptop in what does not appear to be a typical office to indicate work from home

    Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can make it happen! Remote working has really come of age in the last two years. Many people have loved it, while others realised they preferred an office environment. But would you hazard a guess at how many people would like to make remote working a permanent option? According to a new report, a whopping...

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    Two stickmen fighting to symbolise Microsoft Business Standard vs Business Premium

    Everything you need to know about Microsoft Business Premium and how it compares to Business Standard. Microsoft has many different packages (E1, F3, 365 Business, Enterprise and so on) and they keep changing their names. It's not unusual that you might lose track of how they go to market. We wrote this article to compare the two most common packages used by businesses in London, Surrey...

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    Child using a walkie talkie to indicate Microsoft Teams new function

    Instant voice communication with your whole team at the push of a button: Walkie talkie comes to Teams! If you like looking at all the new features in your Microsoft Teams application, you might have noticed the walkie talkie feature in preview. Maybe you’ve even tried it out on an Android device? It seemed like a fun gimmick. Now Microsoft has rolled it out to iOS devices as...

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    Your business is constantly under attack – it’s YOUR responsibility to protect it and your clients from cybercrime and email hijack. Discover how easy it is for hackers to break into your email to plunder your bank account. What can you do to stop this from happening to you? Request your free paperback copy of “Email Hijack” and discover: The most common types of cyber-attacks that your business...

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    Microsoft Building where the decision was made to increase services charges for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft’s increasing the cost of 365 in March. Here’s how to freeze your price! In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s increasing its subscription prices for Microsoft 365 in March. It’s the first big price rise for a decade. And you can expect to pay around 20 to 40 per cent more. In fact, it’s not just a price increase. Microsoft’s also changing the way it sells 365. It’s...

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    Typewriter with Review written on a piece of Paper

    To be and stay profitable and productive, businesses simply need technology. However, not all technologies can deliver on their promised benefits. That is why Technology Business Reviews (TBRs) are necessary to ensure that your investments are still worthwhile. KPGM even goes as far as saying that IT needs to employ an operating model that is agile, dynamic, and adaptive to both business needs and market demands...

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    One pink among black graduate hats, perfectly aligned on a light blue canvas.

    When you hire a new member for your team, you typically specify a salary range and pick the most qualified applicant to do the job. It's a qualifications-based selection.  There are many important parallels between the internal recruitment process and a method that aims to replace the traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) when companies are looking to buy professional services - Qualification-Based Selection or QBS for...

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    Password in scribble letter on orange red background to symbolise password manager

    Don’t worry about the potential downsides of a password manager. The upsides are far greater! Last week there were stories that a password manager called LastPass had seen some of its customers’ master passwords compromised. The company denies that happened. And it’s possible that some of the people who reported being affected had old accounts with master passwords they’d used with other services. Do you use a password...

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    climate action

    Benefits of tackling climate change on your business Taking the appropriate steps for your business to tackle climate change could be one of the most rewarding and socially advantageous things you can do as a business. Make your changes to cut carbon emissions and show other businesses in your area and industries that being green is not only possible but can be profitable. Going through a process...

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