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    IT support packages

    Our experts manage all your IT so you can concentrate on what you do best – managing your business.

    Get Your IT Sorted

    Cloud Managed Services



    As an MSP (managed service provider) for IT support, phone networks and secure cloud services we offer a selection of packages for your technology success to fit your business requirements.





    Microsoft 365 Package

    Business Premium

    Business Premium

    Enterprise E5

    Patch Management

    Next-Gen Antivirus

    Ransomeware Protection

    Network Level Maware Protection

    Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    Self-Service Password Reset

    Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

    Proactive Resolution of Issues

    Asset Management

    Mobile Device Management

    Microsoft Bookings

    Website Hosting (WordPress site inc.)

    Domain Name (one inc.)

    Password Management System

    Endpoint Threat Detection

    Microsoft 365 and SharePoint backup

    Ongoing Security Testing and Training

    Cyber Essentials Certificate and Cyber Insurance*

    Security Monitoring for Microsoft 365 (SOC)

    Microsoft Cloud App Security

    Office 365 SafeDocs

    Attack Simulator

    Threat Intelligence

    WD Application Guard

    Attack Surface Reduction Rules

    Automated Investigation and Response

    vCIO - IT Strategy and Planning**

    * Security structure implementation dependant to meet requirements for
    ** Available for UK organisations with less than £20m annual turnover

    Basic Support Package


    This is our core offering bundling base-level support, security and Microsoft Business Premium licensing. 


    The multi-layered next-generation Antivirus includes ransomware protection, network-based malware protection and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to combat ever-growing cyber threats like spoofing, phishing, malicious attachments and dodgy links.  


    Your users will have access to the Self-Service Password Reset service to quickly be able to return to work. To enhance their productivity even further, Microsoft Bookings and Forms come together to compliment the standard Office apps – on Windows machines as well as mobile devices. 


    Managing those assets can be a daunting task, especially when you go through audits or just want to keep track of your inventory. Our asset manager will save you the manual labour and keep you posted about warranties. 


    Lastly, remote device monitoring, management and maintenance ensure that all your devices including the software that runs on them are up to date and in best shape to perform efficiently, an effective measure to protect you and your team from costly downtime. 


    Additionally, we will manage your domain and assure your website is up and running securely.  


    The Basic Support Package consists of the following services and products:

    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides a 50GB mailbox, a desktop version of Office (up to 5 phones, 5 tablets and 5 PCs or Macs per user), 1TB OneDrive storage, SharePoint and Teams collaboration tools.
    • Patch management keeps all devices and computers updated to provide base-level security.
    • Remote Monitoring, Maintenance and Management keeps your assets in best shape and prevents expensive downtime while the Asset Manager keeps track of your infrastructure.
    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 protects against malicious email messages, attachments and links.
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    Advanced Support Package


    Managing a variety of passwords can be a pain. This is why our Advanced Support Package expands on our Basic Support with a password manager.


    The Endpoint Threat Detection uses endpoint behavioural sensors, cloud security analytics and threat intelligence to add multiple layers of security to your machines to protect further from bad online actors, malware and crypto lockers.


    While Microsoft 365 runs in the cloud and ensures uptime, its deletion and recovery options for emails, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams are limited. Their EULA recommends a third-party backup which is included in Advanced for your peace of mind, covering emails, SharePoint and Teams.


    The Advanced package mitigates the risk of human error through regular cybersecurity awareness training. On top of that, ethical hacking penetration tests show how all individual users are performing and provide a risk analysis.


    All of this forms the foundation for a successful Cyber Essentials accreditation which includes a cyber liability insurance and qualifies you for government contracts. 


    In addition to Basic, the Advanced Support Package consists of the following services and products:

    • Password Management System acts as a vault for different logins, ensuring password security.
    • Endpoint Threat Protection combines endpoint behavioural sensors, cloud security analytics and threat intelligence to identify attacker tools, techniques and procedures before they become a problem.
    • 3 daily Microsoft 365 Backups create geo-redundant copies of your  SharePoint sites, OneDrive and Teams with success reports proving compliance.
    • Ongoing Security Testing and Training mitigating the risk of human error and improving user behaviour.
    • Cyber Essentials Certificate and Cyber Liability Insurance.
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    Ultra Support Package


    The Ultra Support Package combines enterprise-grade security and the full productivity and collaboration tool suite of Microsoft’s Enterprise 5 licensing.


    This package is great for customers who have high-security requirements in regulated industries or handle a lot of personal information. It includes technologies such as Microsoft’s next-generation antivirus Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for protecting your local systems as well as Cloud App Security for protecting and monitoring your web-based tools. All the tools can be tied together to check the overall risk of each login to keep your accounts as secure as possible.


    In addition to everything in the Advanced package, a Security Operations Centre monitors security data generated in your Microsoft 365 E5 environment 24/7 to detect suspicious activity and instant remediation.


    Defender for Identity applies learning-based analytics to investigate suspicious user activities and advanced attacks throughout the stages of a cyberattack from the early reconnaissance to the exfiltration of data.

    vCIO Process


    The virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) works with you on your ongoing IT strategy to improve IT efficiency, supporting business goals and objectives and assuring that the right IT infrastructure is in place for your modern business of tomorrow. This process makes it incredibly easy for you to plan your IT budget and keep an eye on the end of life of hardware or outdated software.


    In summary, the Ultra Support package consists of the following services and products: 

    • Microsoft 365 E5 provides the most comprehensive suite of productivity, collaboration and security tools from Microsoft. It includes all Office applications and additional services such as Exchange, OneDrive and Teams among many others. 
    • Defender for Office P2 protects against malicious email messages, attachments, links and documents opened in Protected View, and includes analytics like Threat Trackers and Automated Investigation & Response. 
    • Microsoft Environment Security monitors your network to detect intrusions and suspicious behaviour. 
    • Microsoft Environment Backup saves your valuable assets and intellectual property in geo-redundant data centres in compliance with regulations like GDPR. 
    • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). 
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