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    Mobile Connectivity

    Mobile Connectivity for Smarter Collaboration at Work

    Connecting to your team and business assets securely and wherever you are in the world is more important now with the development of hybrid and out of office working. Mobile connectivity allows your business to function normally when your workforce is working remotely on any device that is connected to the internet, be that laptop, tablet, mobile phone or IoT device.

    Safeguard data and ensure effective business operations

    Helping to cut down on data leak and misuse, remote device access enables control of where the data can be used, shared, and who has access to it. Adding an additional security layer on the employees’ mobile devices enhances security, whilst ensuring all devices are compliant with the latest updates and policies at all times reduces the risk of a cyberattack.

    Dependence on data has substantially increased and therefore the protection of it has become more important. Device management has shifted from being a luxury and novelty item to a necessity.

    Benefits of employing mobile device management

    Remote device access

    Increased security

    Enhanced update and support

    Better application control

    Device tracking

    Remote device erase capability

    Better device compliance

    Enables auto backup

    Supports bring your own device

    Cost saving


    Mobile security matters

    Managing many devices over a large workforce can become very complicated and ensuring that security protocols are followed can seriously reduce the risk of threats from malicious actors.

    Bring your own device (BYOD)

    Bring your own device refers to employees using personal devices to connect to their work networks and access potentially sensitive or confidential data on work related systems. Personal devices could include smartphones, personal computers, tablets, or USB drives.

    Mobile device management (MDM)

    Secured and enforced policies on smartphones, tablets and other endpoints. The intent of MDM is to optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise while simultaneously protecting the corporate network.

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