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    Virtual infrastructure


    Businesses can keep their data in a virtual server they access via the cloud. Virtualisation is the process of transforming servers or network equipment, and turning them into software alternatives, creating multiple resources from a single computer or server, improving scalability and workloads while resulting in the use of fewer overall servers, less energy consumption and less infrastructure costs and maintenance.


    Virtualisation can be applied to four main categories; desktop (multiple desktops run from a central server), software (separates applications from hardware and operating system), network (splits network bandwidth),and storage (combines multiple storage resources into a single device).

    Increased security

    Virtual machines or VMs are one of the elementary units of virtualisation. A virtual machine once deployed can run its own operating system, allowing for multiple independent operating systems on one device. Virtualisation can enhance your company’s ability to increase security because it enables security patches to be applied automatically and applications can be moved between virtual machines to avoid any downtime.

    Increase Efficiency and Business Continuity

    Reduce expenses

    Consolidate hardware

    Improve productivity

    Protect from downtime

    Protect from disaster

    Improve business responsiveness

    Secure company assets

    Reduce CO2 emissions


    Dramatic cost savings, productivity and operational benefits

    Reduce Costs by virtualising your infrastructure and you can help lessen your hardware and maintenance costs and lower your company’s energy bill. With energy costs and global warming concerns rising, power consumption is another issue for many businesses. You can consolidate excess server and desktop hardware, lowering energy costs and reducing your carbon emissions.

    Drive new business initiatives

    Focus on more strategic projects for critical products or services your business is developing and remain competitive by increasing productivity through virtualisation. Achieve faster and easier backup and recovery of key application workloads and data and improve business continuity traditionally too expensive and complex to deploy for smaller companies.

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