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    The IQ in IT way

    Audit, implement, support and review.

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    Capability, Consistency & Cultivation

    We evaluate your business on our 3CS scale, combining this with your vision for to build a technological success plan. We roll out security features, hardware and software tailored exactly to what you need and provide you with tech support when you need it.


    When you decide to work with us, we ensure that you get the best value for your commitment. Focusing on security and your workflow, we ensure that we understand your business before proposing new technology or other changes. Your biggest assets are your employees, your intellectual property, and the way you work together. Technology should enhance this and not hinder it with unnecessary tools and equipment.

    To protect your business and to ensure your cyber resilience, the audit begins with network discovery. This typically uncovers machines and users connected to the network, potential vulnerabilities and the existing backup and recovery measures. Your objectives play a central role in the following evaluation and together, we continue to define which systems and services you want to focus on and what other purpose (for example compliance with regulation) the following penetration test should aim at. It lays the foundation for the future implementation phase because the audit can show unused or outdated resources.

    Client interviews allow you to share your workflow. You can literally shape the future engagement with us as your technology success provider. There are two focus areas that we consider: your current processes and the future development of how you operate. Dream big! Are there any new services that you would like to offer? Now is the time to mention it. Do you have expansion plans or want a bigger office? Let us know and learn how we can support your ambitions. Lastly, if you do a lot of time-consuming, repetitive tasks, there likely is a tool that can automate them. Explore the possibilities and share your requirements with us and we start the hunt for a better workflow.

    The security audit provides you with an actionable risk matrix and a comprehensive plan to mitigate internal and external risks to your cyber security. It serves as a project plan when you decide to move to the implementation phase with us as your technology partner as well. Analysing your workflows is the foundation for your digital strategy. You can use it to optimise your technology utilisation and as a guideline for new tools. As your technology success partner, we will use this part of the audit report to find the optimal and most cost-effective technology on your behalf. This way, your operational efficiency takes a big leap forward.


    New technology is only as effective as the project plan for its implementation. How many times did you buy new software or a hardware kit, and were disappointed because it did not meet your expectations? Rest assured that, unfortunately, this is the norm with well over 10% of all IT projects failing completely, 31% not meeting their goals, 43% exceeding their initial budget, and 49% being delivered late. All the more, dedication to your success is what makes all the difference. We base the project plan on the previous audit and workflow analysis. You can follow each step of the process to ensure that all requirements are met in a timely matter and within budget.

    Following PRINCE2, an industry-leading IT project management framework, the project is divided into controllable and manageable milestones to provide the highest level of visibility. You stay in the loop. A lot of the work can likely be carried out remotely and out of hours. With this approach, the impact on you and your teams during business hours stays minimal. You continue to be productive while we handle the backend. As much as we know that there are no two same businesses, there are certainly two similar projects. The chances are that we have seen a similar project before and can fall back on a wealth of experience to handle your requirements even quicker. There is an old saying in the medical world: “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen!” We totally agree. The only way to improve on previous projects and guarantee success is with documentation. Critical to you for compliance purposes, every project delivery is concluded with a report for you and your teams. This way, you know what was done, if it met the set criteria, how long it took and what the cost was.

    Your implementation project is carried out following a well-established methodology. With your invaluable workflow input and the audit report, the implementation is the next big step towards technology success. Begin your journey with us today!


    Solving problems with our partners is the core of our business and the reason our partners value us as their technology success partners. Nonetheless, knowing how to solve an issue is just not good enough. Quickly implementing a resolution and making sure that it does not reoccur, so maintaining the highest technological standard, is making all the difference.

    Frontline and Second Line
    The 1st line support technicians are generalists who assist you with your daily questions. They have a broad understanding of the solutions that you use, your infrastructure and network, and know the procedures that apply to most support needs. They aim to resolve problems at the first touch so that you can resume your job as early as possible. Sometimes, a second call is needed to clarify configurations or do more troubleshooting. A second line engineer is the perfect person to take action when such a problem happens. Rest assured that a root cause analysis is carried out as a preventative measure for future escalations and documented. Service Level Agreements are in place to track success and to guarantee response times as well as defining an escalation path if needed.

    Third Line Expertise
    The third line has very detailed knowledge on distinct subjects and usually steps in when something is fundamentally wrong with the tools in use. That does not always mean that they were not implemented properly. Most tools are not static machinery, but rather dynamic platforms that are subject to change for security reasons or because features have been added. Our teams work with technology providers and developers to improve the quality of the tools that allow you to be productive and efficient.

    Some problems are quick and easy to fix, some others require a deep analysis and specific knowledge. In all cases, your team can rely on us to solve problems so that you can go back to your job and focus on what you do best. Outsourcing your IT management is more scalable and likely more cost-effective than building, developing, and growing an in-house support team. Begin your technology success journey with us today!


    Technology Business Reviews (TBRs) are pre-planned meetings that reiterate the same focus areas as the initial audit. The aim is to revaluate old and newly implemented technology, discuss adoption, uncover potential risks, and plan for future requirements. In the broader sense, TBRs are regular audits and serve a very similar purpose.

    You should not pay for technology that you do not utilise. A TBR, therefore, starts with a cost-benefit analysis. The aim is to build on the collaborative success after the initial audit, implementation, and support phase, or since the last TBR. This format is the ideal setup for you to discuss expansion plans, a new office, or meeting new compliance regulations. We aim to manage your technology proactively and ensure that you are compliant with general and industry-specific regulations. We will use TBRs to inform you about new guidelines and support you with the development of a plan to meet them. Of course, you want to know what you are getting for your money, so rest assured that we come prepared with data about the health of your technology estate, user behaviour, security-related incidents, and user behaviour. You get the insights that enable you to make educated decisions based on facts.

    Very similar to the initial audit, the goal of regular TBRs is to uncover security threats through newly implemented technology. It allows us to update the risk matrix in accordance with the new information. The second goal is to uncover inefficiencies. Technology is dynamic, it evolves. TBRs support your workflow development. A successful TBR provides a new action plan for the next implementation and support phase – closing the circle of effective technology utilisation and ultimately your success with the systems that your business needs to thrive.

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