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    Leased Lines

    Fibre Leased Lines versus fibre broadband

    Fibre Leased Lines are ethernet cables going directly from the exchange point to your premises. Fibre to the premises (FTTP), or standard fibre optic broadband will come from the exchange point to your local roadside cabinet then run into your business.

    Effective business solution for remote working

    Home PCs and laptops can connect to the line, offering greater reliable internet connectivity.

    Ideal for businesses working across multiple locations.

    leased lines

    Advantages of fibre leased line


    Unaffected at peak times


    Guaranteed connection speed


    100% UK coverage


    100% upload and download speeds

    Dedicated to your business and your business alone

    Leased lines to have noticeable differences in the quality of broadband connectivity. If your business requires a premium internet connection to remain fully functional, the enhanced internet connection offers is a guaranteed bandwidth and improved uptime. Leased lines exceed the connectivity capabilities of FTTC and FTTP lines.

    Symmetrical bandwidth and no data restrictions

    If you need to know that you can seamlessly upload data to your cloud based applications, send large emails or documents, answer VoIP phone calls or even make video conferencing calls without any disruption, leased lines are the perfect choice.

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