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    April 2016

    One simple way to keep your information secure is to make sure you and your employees use strong passwords. How can I determine whether or not my password is strong? There are three factors. The strength of a password can be determined by its:     Length Complexity Randomness   Password Length is the number of characters that are used in the password. The longer a password is, the more...

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    Black screen with lots of different addresses in white indicating traffic through a firewall.

    Nowadays, ransomware and cyber attacks have become common threats on the internet. Based on a recent security breach survey by the government and conducted by PWC in 2015 shows that a whooping 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses had a security breach, this is an increase on the 2014 and 2013 figures. Furthermore, the average cost to a large organisation started from...

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    Student and Teacher in front of a book shelf with cloud shaped lights hanging from the ceiling.

    Today I will be discussing how schools, colleges and universities can benefit from cloud technology. Some of these places are the size of large companies. Making use of an efficient, cost-effective and integrated IT system can benefit schools, students and staff immensely. Cloud does that all so I’m going to explain how moving to the cloud can benefit education systems. Advantage #1: Access to all software that students...

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