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    Do not enter sign (Microsoft Azure solutions)

    Introduction Microsoft Azure is one of the greatest recent innovations by Microsoft. Its ability to enhance collaboration has without a doubt contributed to increasing productivity for countless organisations and businesses. If you have read our blog post or watched our YouTube video on ‘keeping your business and yourself safe’. You will also know how imperative Microsoft Azure is in allowing hybrid working, particularly in making ‘Bring...

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    Pieces of circuit boards (Technology Investment)

    In this article, we present 3 ways to safeguard your IT assets through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).   Introduction   Our first responsibility as your Technology Success Partner (TSP) is to efficiently manage your network and technology investments and assets in order to keep them safe and optimised so that you can stay productive. We use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and secure your organisation...

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    Room with large monitor (malware)s showing code

    In this article, we present a definition of malware, drill down into different types of malware and outline preventative measures. What is Malware? Malware is short for malicious software and it allows unauthorised access to networks for theft, sabotage, or espionage objectives. Malware comes in a variety of forms, and many cyberattacks employ a mixture of them to achieve their objectives. Although it typically spreads through phishing,...

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    Mind your head message (Microsoft MyAnalytics)

    Let’s have a look at one of the many tools that come with the Microsoft SaaS Package. In a world that turned into one big Teams meeting over 4 different devices and infinite time zones, it’s worth asking why productivity is not necessarily increasing. Is a meeting always adding value or do we have them for the sake of having a meeting? It certainly sounds important, very...

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    Digital learning day

    As our US friends celebrate #DigitalLearningDay, we look at why learning new technologies and digital skills, in and out of the classroom, is important no matter how old you are. As an Information Technology company, it’s no surprise that our team is passionate about digital technology. Most of our employees have completed degree or college courses in computing, some are still studying. But learning doesn’t stop...

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    cyber security measures

    You know the vital importance of adopting cyber security measures. You’re fully aware of how crucial it is to protect your business and that includes its reputation and its sensitive data. You’ve quite rightly, and shrewdly, taken steps to install systems and processes to reduce the risk of technology failures that could open the floodgates for an attack. You’ve put in place a comprehensive educational programme...

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    Hello everyone, today I will be discussing Bitcoins. Some of you may already know of BitCoins but the large majority will never have heard of it. So I will be explaining to you what they are, how you obtain them and what you can use them for. What are BitCoins? BitCoins are an online currency (also know as e-cash) that was created in January 2009 by Satoshi...

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    Today we will be discussing why small to medium sized businesses should invest in a fully integrated cloud infrastructure over a traditional IT model. Cloud technology has been around for a couple of years now and (with all things technical) businesses have been slow to adopt it. Most big businesses have taken the step to the cloud yet small to medium sized businesses are still...

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    Student and Teacher in front of a book shelf with cloud shaped lights hanging from the ceiling.

    Today I will be discussing how schools, colleges and universities can benefit from cloud technology. Some of these places are the size of large companies. Making use of an efficient, cost-effective and integrated IT system can benefit schools, students and staff immensely. Cloud does that all so I’m going to explain how moving to the cloud can benefit education systems. Advantage #1: Access to all software that students...

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