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    Why work with IQ in IT?

    Our partners share more than just our philosophy - they share their feedback.

    ...and here is what makes us special according to them!

    Get Your IT Sorted

    Stop Wasting Your Time with New Hire Onboarding!

    Starting a new job is exciting for your company, for the new hire and everybody in their new team. Your HR team will have done their groundwork after a period of interviews and negotiations. Now it’s time for the new member to get going. Don’t let technology stand in the way!

    Once you know when your new hire starts, simply let us know and we take care of the rest. A laptop arrives ahead of time to wherever you need it. It sets itself up the second it connects to the internet with all the security features to protect your organisation.

    All the while, your new member of staff gets settled in using their pre-defined login credentials and we walk them through the initial password reset and multi-factor authentication setup, as they already know how to reach out to us.

    Every company is different, so is yours – and that includes your structure in SharePoint and Teams. Partnering with IQ in IT as your technology provider means that our team is familiar with those structures and the underlying technology. It’s just logical to provide that extra customer care and train your staff on how to use the information available to them and make the best use of the full power of Microsoft’s productivity suite.

    In short: when your teams grow, we’re here for you from hardware procurement all the way over to training and technology enablement.

    A Story About Standards and Why They Matter.

    Standards are extremely beneficial as they ensure innovative technologies and increased societal safety. Our world is rapidly changing, and we want you to take advantage of progress and safety in every situation, whether at work or in your spare time.

    The IT industries are not regulated by qualification standards. If someone wants to open a solicitor’s practice, they need authorisation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. There is no governing body for Managed Service Providers. Even the term is purposefully vague. In short, everybody can start a managed services business and start selling services, hardware and software.

    There are, however, national and international standards and frameworks for cybersecurity and IT quality management. By contributing to and working within those standardised regulation frameworks, we help our partners to build streamlined technology processes and provide peace of mind in matters like GDPR and data protection.

    Gear wheels to symbolise standards as they matter a lot when it comes to IT support, cyber security

    Cyber Essentials

    Data and information are intangible but valuable business assets. Information, on the other hand, is notoriously difficult to value, and its true value may only be realised when it becomes unavailable or unreliable. That’s why information security – and its subset cyber security – is assessed in terms of the information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    While there can be no guarantees when it comes to information security, there are frameworks in place to help mitigate the risks. While most frameworks are designed for large corporations, Cyber Essentials was created to deploy protective and contingency measures in much smaller, more flexible organisations with lower technology budgets in order to meet the informal culture of small and medium-sized businesses.

    We have become a Cyber Essentials assessor because we are serious about cybersecurity and want to provide guidance for SMEs as part of our managed service packages.

    Discover how partnering with an ISO 27001 accredited technology partner can transform your business.

    ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. It sets out the specification for an information security management system (ISMS). The information security management system standard’s best-practice approach helps organisations manage their information security by addressing people, processes and technology.

    An ISO 27001 accredited company has proven and documented processes in place for the implementation, monitoring, operations and management of an ISMS. Partnering with an accredited company means above all that the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape is dealt with proactively before a minor issue becomes a business-crippling disaster.

    We’ve been certified since 2014 and helped SMEs ever since to combat the ever-evolving cyber threat with attention to people, processes and technology.

    Someone opening a door with keys.

    Accelerate your company with a technology partner who adds quality to your business.

    ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. It sets out the specification for a quality management system and follows 7 QM principles.

    An ISO 9001 accredited service provider has proven and documented processes in place to deliver services that meet customer and regulatory needs and improve customer satisfaction.

    Everybody in our teams is committed to quality, led by our leadership team and under constant revision. Our partners actively contribute to our improvement cycles by giving feedback with every ticket that is resolved, allowing us to meet partner expectations as much as our suppliers do with us.

    All of the above is embedded in thorough processes with distinguished performance indicators that enable us to base our decisions on facts.

    Are you ready to future-proof your cyber resilience?

    Of course, it’s important your IT infrastructure is in working order – no doubt about it. It’s great when you’re able to get stuff done using all the tech tools at your disposal. But do you really know what’s happening behind the screens and on every user’s device, in their mailboxes and applications on their phones? What happens if they travel and use public Wi-Fi to access company data?

    Cybersecurity covers user behaviour, conditional access, analytics, incidence response and event investigation, and requires lots of different tools and resources.

    Partnering with a managed security service provider is a cost-effective way to mitigate cyber risk and breaches.

    Resilience printed on a blue background.

    Talking about Robots – What is Direct-to-Tech Support?

    Tech support lost its solid reputation of friendly helpers fixing issues on the phone a long time ago because large organisations, including IT service providers, cut cost to maximise profits. The results are long waiting times, robot voices, endless dial menus and, unfortunately, lots of frustrated clients.

    We don’t follow in those footsteps. This is why our partners have direct access to a real person on the phone when something unexpected goes wrong. You won’t be just another number but a valued partner who’s technology success is our top priority.

    From Tech to Business Partnership – How Partner Success Management Elevates Your Business Beyond IT

    Functioning tech is great, thinking about efficiency and enhanced productivity. Security is important because your company is constantly under fire by known and unknown directions.

    But what happens if you aren’t sure about the next project? Technological or not, there are many ways in which a dedicated, non-technical resource can help – even if it’s simply a second pair of eyes from another SME who faces the same challenges.

    Regular reviews and touchpoints help us to align our services with your company goals, adding more value than just IT support.

    We are here for You

    Driven by technology and innovation

    Elevate your business with a true partnership that goes beyond IT!

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