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    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


    VoIP, also called IP telephony, is a method of delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions over internet protocol networks, such as the Internet rather than via the public switched telephone network.

    VoIP calls enable rich video calling

    There are many advantages of VoIP phone service, lowering costs, working well anywhere there’s a reliable internet connection, providing more capabilities than traditional phone services, and is highly scalable and easy to install, configure, and maintain.


    VoIP is as reliable as your internet connection, so you can experience high-quality voice and video calls around the clock. You can take advantage of innovative AI features like automatically routing calls based on time, location, and availability, record calls and set up greetings, hold messaging and music, and implement voicemail.

    Features and benefits of voice over internet protocol

    Call management

    Screen sharing

    Call recording

    Cloud voicemail

    Call queues

    Device compatibility

    Stay connected

    Maintain your focus

    Device flexibility

    Save time

    Peace of mind


    Bandwidth efficiency and low costs

    VoIP technology can provide incredible cost savings over traditional phone systems. VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. A single broadband connection has the ability to transmit more than one telephone call.

    Microsoft Teams Phone supports VoIP phone calls

    Start making VoIP calls from Teams Phone to anyone else who’s using Teams, no setup is required. You can make calls from Teams Phone with or without a connection to the public switched telephone network with flexible setup options and turn on video to talk face-to-face with one or multiple people anywhere with an internet connection. It’s even possible to keep your existing traditional phone network connection and use Teams Phone through this if you prefer.

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