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Managed Services

The core of our business is to make yours run as smoothly as possible. We do this by being proactive with making sure your systems are running as well as they should and kept up to date with the latest security updates.


We keep a constant eye on your environment looking for any issues that happen so we can resolve them before they cause you a problem.


We manage your IT estate for you to make sure everything is configured correctly and securely.


We maintain your environment, ensuring updates are installed in a timely manner, to keep you secure, with minimal disruption to your working day.


When something does go wrong our engineers are ready to help and resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Hosted Services

As well as support we also provide all the other core tools a business needs. From phone systems, email systems, servers or cloud services. We have built out our own platform to offer these services as well as being able to support all the main providers such as Office 365, Azure, AWS, VMware and many more. By being able to offer you all the core tools you need for your business we can give you one point of contact and make sure your systems run as smoothly as possible.

Phone Systems

Our hosted phone systems can save you money and let you communicate from wherever you are. You no longer need expensive on-site PBXs. We can also tailor our phone system to you and integrate into your other tools.


Whether you use Office 365, Google Apps or if you have more bespoke requirements, we can host, manage and add additional security to your email system. While making sure it runs reliably.

Cloud Services

We are experts in Cloud Services having run and designed our own platform. We can setup and run anything you might need.

Internet Connectivity

We have partnered with many different providers, getting access to low level network monitoring to be able to resolve and troubleshoot any problems quickly. We also carry out our own monitoring from multiple locations on any connections we provide.

Bespoke Services / Consultancy

We like to get to know our customers and find ways to improve how they work and to make the best use of IT possible. We can provide consultancy to work on integrating your IT tools together. We can help with automating current tasks you carry out to give you more time to work on what is important. We can even help to develop bespoke systems for you to manage your entire workflow.

About Us

IQ in IT is an award-winning IT Support and Service Provider based in Kingston upon Thames in southwest London.

We offer complete IT support solutions consisting of IT support, hosted emails, cloud services including phone systems, virtual desktops, servers as well as disaster recoveries, backups  and internet connectivity ranging from super fast fibre to premises to backup ADSL lines. The core of our business is to make your business operate smoothly by providing proactive support with excellent customer service and latest security protection and updates, leaving you to concentrate on running your business worry free.

IQ in IT was established in 2009 and is run by Luke Whitelock (Technical Director) and Katerina Damcova (Managing Director). Both directors have a broad range of skills and expertise previously obtained by working in corporate and public sector organizations including schools and government. This allows the business to create unique offerings of corporate style IT systems to small and medium sized businesses, ensuring highest security and data protection for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you

The Team at IQ in IT

ISO 270001
Kingston Chamber
Dell Partner

From our Blog

On International Women’s day 2021, I choose to challenge gender bias in technology

On International Women’s Day I want to celebrate all women in Technology and STEM. Women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths face challenges and gender bias every day. It’s a sad fact that even in 2021, women in science struggle to be taken seriously sometimes. We battle prejudices and face gender bias on a […]

Every day is a digital learning day when you work in IT. And why you should be learning, too!

As our US friends celebrate #DigitalLearningDay, we look at why learning new technologies and digital skills, in and out of the classroom, is important no matter how old you are. As an Information Technology company, it’s no surprise that our team is passionate about digital technology. Most of our employees have completed degree or college […]

How to improve your cyber security and why COVID is not the only virus that could disrupt your business.

How to improve your cyber security and why COVID is not the only virus that could disrupt your business.  To mark national Safer Internet Day, our Technical Director, Luke Whitelock, shares 5 ways to improve your cyber-security and protect your business. Cybercrime has increased significantly during the pandemic. Whatever your business, you will manage large amounts of information that could be valuable to criminals.   […]

Meet our Apprentice

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we’d like to introduce you to one of our IQ in IT apprentices.  Meet Blake.  Blake joined IQ in IT in 2019 on our IT support team.  Since he started working with us as an IT apprentice Blake has gained extensive technology skills and is a popular member of our team.  As his confidence grew, Blake showed a natural flair for business development. He has recently started a management CMDA degree course at Kingston College. We asked […]

How to avoid Black Friday Fraud, wishing you a #FraudFreeXmas

This week brings the start of the online shopping event known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  With most high street shops closed for lockdown; the biggest online retail event of the year is expected to be bigger than ever. Be warned, this increase in internet shopping brings increased dangers to consumers. Cybercriminals are using […]

International Fraud Week – November 16-21, 2020

International Fraud Week, November 16-21, 2020  Why you need to act against cyber–crime during the COVID pandemic    It’s International #fraudweek! Why does it matter? There has been a massive acceleration in cyber-crime since the start of the COVID pandemic, with a 660% increase in March alone according to the Office for National Statistics.  The nature of these cyber-attacks varies, but there are increasing trends in email hacking leading to serious […]

IQ in IT MD elected President of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Kat Damcova, Founder and Managing Director of IQ in IT, has been elected President for the Kingston Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber is a local business support organisation, IQ in IT have been active members since 2011. Kat was elected to the Board of Directors in 2015 and is a passionate advocate of supporting the local business community.  Kat was elected as President at the Chamber’s summer AGM.  She is the […]

New Microsoft Edge crashes when typing in address bar

A new bug with Microsoft Edge has caused issues world wide with the New Edge browser to crash when typing into the address bar. The quick workaround at this time while awaiting a fix is to disable the site suggestions. To do this, navigate to Edge settings and select Privacy and services and then scroll […]

Cyber security business beyond pandemic

We started preparing our clients for the possibility of a lockdown in February. Back then, a potential lockdown was not seen as imminent or even likely for the UK. We reviewed our clients’ existing business continuity plans and created a pandemic strategy. We knew we would have to keep their businesses operating by moving their […]

Office 365 mailbox in different data centre

You may receive error messages below: Having Office 365 mailbox spread across multiple data centres can cause issues when accessing shared resources. The issue can demonstrate it self by an inability to send as a shared mailbox or losing access to it completely in Outlook or Web-mail. Outlook error The specified object was not found […]

New “Sextortion” technique uses breached data to exhort money from victims

A new type of extortion email has been sneaking into inboxes over the last year. You may be familiar with the traditional ransom email. You would receive an email from a miscreant saying that your browsing habits have been recorded, and without sending a payment this sensitive information will be revealed to the world, to your family, to your colleagues.   What makes this new email particularly frightening to […]

Government Scheme to Assist SMEs with Broadband Upgrade

The Government has recently launched a new scheme across the UK to assist small to medium sized businesses in upgrading their broadband. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme will see firms being able to claim up to £3,000 to upgrade their broadband to a gigabit capable connection. The scheme forms part of the Local Full Fibre Networks programme, […]

Skipped Software Updates Warning: Don’t Leave Your Systems Open to Cyber Attack

You’re working away when a window pops up on your screen letting you know that there are new updates available. But you’re busy right now, so you hit the ‘remind me later’ button. But when later comes around and you get that reminder you asked for, you’re still busy, so you dismiss it again. The […]

How Safe is Your Smart Home?

Living in a smart-enabled home? It certainly has its benefits. Ordering household supplies at the touch of a button on the cupboard or washing machine; turning the heating up via your phone before you even arrive home; issuing smart keys to tradespeople to access your property whilst you’re at work. We can switch the lights […]

Major Cyber Attack on its Way Says UK Security Boss: Time to Manage Risks

According to various media reports, a ‘category one’ cyber-attack will happen “sometime in the next few years” says a director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). – Major cyber-attack on its way – Businesses need to change the way they think about cyber security – A switch to risk management and understanding the impact […]

Home Hacking Threats: How Safe is Your Personal Tech?

Christmas is coming and many of us will no doubt be looking forward with excitement to the array of new tech that our stockings are set to be filled with. Smart speakers are reckoned to be the hottest Christmas gift of 2017 according to numerous media reports. The likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, […]

Cyber Security at Home: Protecting Your Net Worth

Cyber-crime is very much a huge focus for the media and it is no wonder, seeing as it is the second most reported economic crime affecting 32 per cent of organisations according to the PwC Global Economic Crime Survey 2016. We see regular reports on almost a daily basis of cyber-breaches and attacks on large organisations. […]

In-Roads for Cyber-Crime: Are you Missing Something Crucial?

You know the vital importance of adopting cyber security measures. You’re fully aware of how crucial it is to protect your business and that includes its reputation and its sensitive data. You’ve quite rightly, and shrewdly, taken steps to install systems and processes to reduce the risk of technology failures that could open the floodgates […]

GDPR: Why Cyber Security has Never Been so Crucial

In just over eight months, one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive pieces of European regulation will change the face of how data is stored, handled and protected. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents one of the most notable changes in worldwide privacy law in two decades and will call for businesses of […]

Why Cyber Security for SMEs is even more important in 2017

Cyber Security will stay dominant this year with its rapidly growing technologies and innovations, Cyber attackers are just as fast or even more innovative. Last year, some companies such as TalkTalk and Tesco Bank were attacked where hackers stole money from client’s accounts. Cyber Security is important for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses are just at […]

Data Breaches on the Rise – UK Ranks Second Highest Worldwide for Reported Incidents

More data was lost or stolen in the first half of 2017 than during the whole of 2016 according to reports. 1.9 billion records were leaked or stolen by criminals up to June 2017, compared to 1.37 billion during all of 2016. Digital security organisation Gemalto’s Breach Level Index was published in September 2017. It […]

Configure Is your business ready for the Cloud? 6 benefits of Cloud Computing…

Cloud technology has been around for a couple of years however businesses have been slow to adopt to it. Bigger businesses have already taken the step to the Cloud yet small to medium sized businesses are still choosing to take up the traditional IT option such as physical desktops, on-site storage etc. On the other […]

The fastest internet connection for businesses

Some call it fast fibre optic, others say high speed, super-fast or fastest connection ever – correct – it is fast with greater speed and the fibre goes directly from the cabinet to your office – it is your one and only dedicated internet line! Nowadays, no business survives without internet and even less with slow internet […]

We are ISO certified – secure, reliable and compliant!

Yes we did it. It has been a journey and a long preparation process, however we are very pleased to announce that IQ in IT has been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 this month in recognition of the Organisation’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) covering Cloud ISP Hosting Services. Our Certificate number is 77311/A/0001/UK/En. What does this mean? The […]

Can Virtual Reality make our life easier?

Virtual Reality has become more and more popular as time went on. Since 1935 when a short story called Pygmalion’s Spectacles was created by Stanley G. Weinbaum to 2016 when a pair of goggles that looks like a toaster oven is stuck to your face

How to copy old user’s mailbox to another user’s mailbox on Office 365 and Exchange Server using PowerShell

If you are an Exchange administrator then you will come across the issue with leavers mailboxes needing to be transfered to another users mailbox. If you are looking after on-site exchange, then the process is slightly shorter as you don’t need to connect to the remote powershell. You simply log in to one of you […]

Nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2016. Best to come…

IQ in IT proudly announces after winning the ‘Best Technology Company’ in 2015 and Best Green Company in 2014’ to be shortlisted this year for the following categories: Best Tech Innovation of the Year Best Business for Customer Service Best Entrepreneur of the Year Best Business for Staff Training and Development Best SME Business Best […]

Sorry to interrupt but Windows 10 is only free until 29th July….

Counting down to Windows 10 first year anniversary and with it comes the end of the free upgrade which finishes this month, exactly in two weeks’ time on the 29th July. This is the last day to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After that date, home and business users will need to pay. Let’s […]

Best Stand at buzzing Kingston Business Expo 2016 during London Tech Week

Kingston Business Expo was even more successful this year than last year being officially part of London Technology Week 2016. The day was packed with engaging and inspirational speakers like Mark Wright, former Winner of The Apprentice from Climb Online and Francesca Monaco from Rocketseed, workshops and networking opportunities as well as an insight into the latest […]

Two Partners, Two Expos and All under One roof

Any business needs finance, resources and a good business plan. With this comes IT which is crucial to make your business work on a daily basis throughout the year. A solid IT service provider is essential and the backbone of a company. However without a professoinal website it is not easy to attract customers. IQ in […]

What’s all the fuss about passwords?

One simple way to keep your information secure is to make sure you and your employees use strong passwords. How can I determine whether or not my password is strong? There are three factors. The strength of a password can be determined by its:     Length   Complexity   Randomness   Password Length is the number of […]

Firewall – stay safe in the cyber world!

Nowadays, Ransomware and cyber-attacks have become common threats on the internet. Based on a recent security breach survey by the government and conducted by PWC in 2015 shows that ​ 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses had a security breach, this is an increase on the 2014 and 2013 figures  the average cost […]

Secure your bit with Anti-malware

The Internet has become more and more part of our everyday lives. It has enhanced the way we live and work and made it much easier for people to get information, share and communicate. However with these new ways of technology comes security threats.

Get ready and be secure in 2016

Nowadays, there is a simple but secure solution to protect data stored on your payment cards, ID card and ePassport from theft and fraud. Billions of contactless cards are used worldwide every day for payment, access control and other applications. Radio frequency identification (RFID) a technologies that uses radio waves to automatically identify people or objects, […]

Clever about IT – minimise your IT Start-Up costs

IQ in IT was pleased to be part of the Enterprise Start-up Fair last week at the Kingston University Business campus. We presented to the Start-ups our products and services such as VOIP Telephones, cloud computing, cloud email, anti-virus, hosting,  internet connectivity, IT support and much more. For the fair we especially offered three IT Start-up […]

The BEST Technology Company 2015

IQ in IT is extremely proud to be awarded as the BEST Technology Company 2015 at last month’s sold-out Kingston Business Excellence Awards. It does not stop here, our Technical Director Luke Whitelock, is delighted to be highly commended in the category of the BEST Young Entrepreneur 2015. The Kingston Business Excellence Awards are developed and […]

Google Mobilegeddon – Is it the end or just the beginning?

Six months ago, exactly on 21st April, Google, the world’s biggest search engine introduced its new search algorithm favouring mobile friendly websites, the ones with with large text, easy to click linksand re-size to fit screen etc. This update purely effects the mobile world and not on searches from tablets or desktops. Google said that this would have […]

Say cheese!

Say cheese! Have you smiled today? Probably this morning in order to access your computer or mobile device at home or at work. Perhaps you have heard of Windows Hello which is a new feature within the new Windows 10. Windows Hello lets you login without a password. Just a smile gives you instant and […]

What is a Cloud Phone?

A lot of you will be wondering what is actually hiding underneath the label “Cloud Phone“. In our terms we describe Cloud Phones as a hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution with a self service management portal. Our portal lets you manage your extensions, direct dials, change call routing depending on the time and day, […]

Windows 10 – worth the upgrade?

The first question when a new operating system is coming into the market is: Shall I upgrade or shall I wait? And probably the next question you will ask yourself is: Is it safe? Well, let’s not get worried now as the best Windows yet is here. There are at least 10 reasons for upgrading […]

How to recover an Office 365 Mailbox Using Windows Powershell

The quick version: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned $UserCredential = Get-Credential $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection Import-PSSession $Session New-Mailbox -Name “John Contoso” -RemovedMailbox “John Contoso” -MicrosoftOnlineServicesID [email protected] -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString -String ‘NewPassword’ -AsPlainText -Force) The long version: From time to time mistakes happen and, at least with Microsoft technology, there are ways […]

Serious security threats of today “Ransomware”

Today more than ever, security should be a priority for every business. Small and medium sized businesses are the ones who suffer most when under attack. One of the most common ways to attack is to use security vulnerability in software in applications like Java, Adobe and operating systems, including the perceived invulnerable MAC OS. I am sure […]

New Website

IQ in IT are pleased to launch their brand new website. We now support live chat and many more features!

Cryptowall new variant of Cryptodefense Malware

UPDATE: A tool has been published which will let you get the key to unencrypt your files for free. This week one of our clients has been infected by Cryptowall. This attack occurred on a laptop protected by McAfee and fully up to date at the time of the attack. In space of 5 […]

Cloud Computing Explained

In this blog I am going to talk about cloud computing and explain exactly what it is.

Setting Permissions for Office 365 using Powershell to user another users Mailbox

Hello there, my name is Ben and today I will talking you through how to set a user’s permissions on office 365 using powershell. I shall be talking you through the steps to configure the permissions of an office 365 user to view another users mailbox. To configure a user to view another users mailbox, […]

How schools, colleges and universities can benefit from the Cloud

Today I will be discussing how schools, colleges and universities can benefit from cloud technology. Some of these places are the size of large companies. Making use of an efficient, cost effective and integrated IT system can benefit schools, students and staff immensely. Cloud does that all so I’m going to explain how moving to the […]

3 Ways Cloud Technology can Benefit Accountants

Hello everyone, today I will be typing up 3 ways cloud technology can benefit accountants. Can be used remotely As an accountant you’ll probably be required to move around a bit, either going to different customers or working from home. Doing this means that you’ll have to take all the documents you need and the […]

Top 5 Technologies to look forward to in 2013

Today I have compiled a list of 5 technologies to look forward to this year. I believe the item’s on this list will be game changing in their technological area: 5) Synaptics new range of touch interfaces Synaptic’s are touch pad manufactures who have been around since 1995. If you’ve had any device that has […]

Why small to medium sized businesses should invest in a fully integrated cloud infrastructure over a traditional IT model

Hello there. Today I will be discussing why small to medium sized businesses should invest in a fully integrated cloud infrastructure over a traditional IT model. Cloud technology has been around for a couple of years now and (with all things technical) businesses have been slow to adopt it. Most big businesses have taken the […]

BitCoins: The online Currency explained

Hello everyone, today i will be discussing Bit coins. Some of you may already know of Bit Coins but the large majority will never have heard of it. So I will be explaining to you what they are, how you obtain them and what you can use them for. What are Bitcoins? Bit Coins are […]

How to setup a POP or IMAP Email Account

Hello, today I will taking you through the steps of how to setup a POP and IMAP email account on Outlook. When it comes to manually setting up an email account, you have 2 options (depending on where your exchange is). The first is to point outlook to a Microsoft exchange server or an equivalent. […]

How to turn off add-ins in Microsoft Office

Hello everyone. Today I will be talking about how to turn off Add-Ins in Microsoft Office. Add-ins are software that is added into Microsoft Office applications to, usually, allow them to work in conjunction with other applications. An example of this would be a database application that contains customer details and has letter templates. When […]

How to Fix Word toolbar options not being fixed

Hello everyone. Today I will be talking about how to fix word toolbar options not being saved. This fix can also be applied to toolbar options that are permanently grayed out as well. Word is a very easy tool to personalize. The options tab gives you the ability to change the toolbar to the way […]

Alfresco 4.0d: How to fix the search function

Hello everyone. Today I will be talking you through how to fix the search function for Alfresco 4.0d. Out of the box, Alfresco’s search function runs on solr. However, solr doesn’t work properly on Alfresco 4.0d so when you try to search a document Alfresco will come back with no results. To fix this you […]

How to recover deleted emails and items using Windows PowerShell

Hello everyone, today I will talking about recovering deleted emails and item using PowerShell. Occasionally accidents happen and important emails or things like calendar events get deleted. If you are unlucky you won’t be able to recover the deleted items the easy way over Microsoft Exchange server and will have to use PowerShell. Below are […]

Bring Your Own Device – The security risk and how to make it work

In this day of age lots of people have portable devices. Along with laptops there are also tablets and smart phones that users choose to bring into work and use. This is called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD can make things more convenient for the user by giving them preference over what hardware and […]

The In’s and Out’s of Virtual Desktops

There are many parts that cloud computing encompasses. One of those is Virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is one of many operating systems that are run off centralized servers that pool their resources together. A user would connect to the virtual desktop remotely from a device that has an internet connection. The VDI (Virtual Desktop […]

How to Add and Remove Calendar and Contacts permission’s for Office 365 User’s via PowerShell

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how to add, and remove, contacts and calendars permissions for users of Office 365 by using PowerShell. This can be useful should you have trouble trying to add permissions over Outlook. The first you need to connect to the Office 365 Exchange Powershell, open a Powershell session and […]

How to Fix Alfresco Buffer Bug

Hello there, today I will be talking about the Alfresco Buffer bug and how to fix it. The buffer bug happens on multiprocessor servers running Windows server 2008 R2 or Windows 7. This issue occurs because of a race condition in the Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock (Afd.sys) that causes sockets to be leaked. Over […]

How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x8024400A: Windows Update

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about how to fix the error code 0x8024400A. Now this blog post ties in with my last one (How to Factory Reset Your Laptop) because after I had factory reset my laptop I had to update Windows XP. However, when I tried to update my laptop I got […]

How To Factory Reset Your Laptop

Sometimes with PC’s you will get a problem that only wiping the computer clean will fix. Traditionally you’d need your Windows (or whatever operating system you’re using) CD and do a CD boot along with a clean install. However, what if you don’t have the disk? Well with laptops they have the ability to reset […]

3D Printing: In Industry And At Home

Printing is an age old technology that has revolutionized industry over the ages. From the old press printers that were used a couple of centurys ago, to the modern day laser printer: using such technology has allowed us to create and distribute books, newspapers, posters and photographs to the masses. However, the main limitation of […]

Cloud Security

Cloud Security can be complex to understand. The best way to think about it is as you would about a safe. There are varying different products which range from something that will open if you drop it, up to a bank vault. There are many different types of cloud services. For example these range from […]

How to recover an Office 365 Mailbox using Windows Powershell

Hello, today i will be showing you how to recover a deleted office 365 mailbox using powershell. From time to time mistakes happen and, at least with Microsoft technology, there are ways of recovering data that has been deleted. Now, usually with Office 365 it’s a simple case of going to the Exchange server, viewing […]

Intel Thunderbolt

Hello, today I will be talking to you about Intel’s Thunderbolt technology. Thunderbolt technology is a dual protocol I/O that utilizes PCI Express and DisplayPort over a cable that can transmit data and video bi-directionally. The cable has a bandwidth on 10Gbps and is used with the thunderbolt controller. The controller controls the processing, sending […]

Alfresco server migration

Hello everyone, over the past week I have been migrating alfresco from my server to a virtual server on the cloud. I shall run you through the steps I took to successfully set it up. 1) Preparing the new server for Alfresco The first thing I did before touching my old server was to set up my […]

Making a basic app for Windows 8 using HTML and Java script

With Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows 8, preview out I decided to have a go at creating an app for it. The app I made was a simple “Hello World” app in which you type your name into an input box and when you press enter the app says hello to you. To do this […]

Richmond Business Expo

We have just booked a stand at the Richmond Business Expo on the 19th of April from 1pm to 8pm. Come and visit us there! We will be providing free advice to businesses on how the latest advances in IT can help their business.

SBS 2003 Mobile Device Connection Issue

This blog talks about how to troubleshoot problems with mobile devices such as Android and iPhones connecting to Small Business Server 2003 (SBS2003).

RPC over HTTP issues on SBS 2003

How to debug “The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.”