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    Failover Lines

    Failover lines are a resilience measure


    A failover is a connectivity backup, generally, a backup broadband connection or an additional Ethernet line (failover lines) which is in place in case a businesses main connectivity source fails for whatever reason. Failover is switching to a redundant or standby computer server, system, hardware component or network automatically.


    Having a leased line failover or some sort of connectivity backup could prove crucial to your business should the worst happen and there’s no time like the present to prepare for the unexpected.

    Listening for a heartbeat

    At the server level, failover automation usually uses a “heartbeat” system that connects two servers, either through using a separate cable or a network connection. As long as a regular “pulse” or “heartbeat” continues between the main server and the second server, the second server will not bring its systems online.

    Benefits of using a failover system

    Protects from downtime

    Prevents the loss of revenue

    Protects mission-critical components

    Prevents service failures

    Reinforces infrastructure

    Avoids major disruptions

    Ensures business continuity

    Increases workforce confidence

    Microsoft 365 for business and enterprise

    Operational fitness and agility

    Strengthen your business with a connectivity backup option. Deploying protective failover procedures for your critical technology infrastructure is a highly encouraged practice to ensure business continuity. Preventing the potential lost revenue from a lengthy system disruption is well worth using failover systems.

    Disaster recovery strategies

    Companies who simply cannot afford a reduction of downtime and need to improve their resilience should put a failover system in place to mitigate any threat of connectivity issues allowing for seamless switching of internet traffic from your main connection should anything happen with your primary service.

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