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    Backup and DR

    Backup and DR – Cloud disaster recovery


    Recover your critical business systems quickly after a disaster by employing a cloud based backup and DR (disaster recovery) managed service providing you with remote access to your business systems in a secure virtual environment.


    Minimise the overall impact of a disaster on your business performance and resume business operations by storing your critical operations in a data centre from which you can restore your infrastructure and its components directly from the cloud to their original state. Downtime is reduced and disruption minimised.

    Cost effective and long lasting solution to data protection

    Scalable and reliable disaster recovery in cloud computing is a sensible and cost effective option for SMEs providing an alternative to maintaining a disaster recovery site. The cloud eliminates the need for resource intensive, costly and time consuming infrastructure that requires constant maintenance and support to protect your data.

    The positive impacts of backups and DR

    Hardware capacity

    Data security

    Improve productivity

    Ease of use

    Peace of mind

    Service scalability

    Cost saving

    Reduce downtime

    Backups and DR

    Automated cloud based backups

    Automated cloud backup simplifies the tedious task of backing up data manually on a daily basis. Select what you want to backup and when and the cloud takes care of the rest. Storing and processing applications and data doesn’t have to be a chore.


    By switching to cloud storage you can reduce your annual costs and bandwidth costs requiring less internal energy and resources to store and maintain this in-house. An affordable and proven secure way to backup critical and archived data.

    Safe and secure

    Cloud servers provide automated backups and snapshots to ensure data safety. Once the data is stored in the cloud it is distributed across redundant servers safeguarding against hardware failures.


    Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously, whenever you connect to the Internet. Easily drag and drop files into the cloud with no technical knowledge required, backed-up data can be located and restored from anywhere in the world.

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