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    Industry leading broadband internet connections


    Essential internet connectivity to your business location. Faster and more reliable connections require a solid infrastructure. Services like Fibre to the cabinet (using some copper telephone line) and Fibre to the premises (using only fibre optic cabling) broadband connections allow your business to thrive.


    Faster speeds and greater reliability mean you can take advantage of additional products such as VoIP amongst many more products delivered via a consistent internet connection specifically designed for businesses wanting to securely connect home workers or branch offices to the main office network.

    FTTC versus FTTP

    FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) provides a cost-effective option whilst still delivering fast, reliable speeds and FTTP (Fibre to the premises) provides businesses with a consistent service at an ultrafast speed. Similarly Fibre Ethernet uses full fibre versus Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC) which uses a combination of copper and fibre.

    GFAST – Ultrafast Broadband

    Four times faster than traditional Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC) broadband

    Data-heavy workload capabilities, super fast speeds

    Fastest speeds available

    Up to 300Mbps download 50Mbps upload

    Reliable connectivity

    99.9% availability, proactive line monitoring

    Improved availability

    2.8 million premises currently available for GFast connection

    Fibre Broadband

    The fastest mass-market download and upload speeds available throughout the UK

    Consistently better performance than standard ADSL connection

    Increased speed and reliability

    Up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload

    Enhanced control

    Personalised connection management

    Host multiple users

    Large bandwidth, multiple static IP addresses

    Improved performance

    Supports high bandwidth applications, video, VoIP and large data transfers

    ADSL Broadband

    Cost-effective broadband solution with network resilience, fast speeds and improved reliability and 99.9% network availability

    Private ADSL lines that are specifically designed for businesses

    Increased productivity

    Transfer data, access hosted applications and video conferencing

    Reliable connectivity

    99.9% availability, proactive line monitoring

    Improved flexibility

    Set up websites, email servers or VPNs


    Fast, direct connection to the internet, optimised for the latest cloud and hosted services. Cutting edge real time monitoring and identical upload and download speeds

    Ethernet is perfect for those businesses with high capacity and high-performance requirements, and EoFTTC (combination of copper and fibre) provides reliability at a great price.

    Increased performance

    10Mb, 100Mb and 1Gb connections

    Guaranteed consistency

    100% availability, resilient, reliable and at the speed you demand

    Total control

    Monitor usage and performance, cutting-edge Sentinel system

    Complete flexibility

    Upgrade bandwidth with ease for busy periods


    Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA)

    The next generation of data connectivity. SoGEA provides a data-only connection without a PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) service. Simply put, it means broadband without the phone line.

    What is the PSTN switch off?

    The current Public Switch Telephone Network is ageing and very expensive to maintain. BT Openreach made the decision to end the life of the standard telephone line with the switch off taking place by 2025. It is already being phased in and as of 2023 businesses will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines.


    Future proof your business ahead of the PSTN withdrawal

    Arrange a meeting

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