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    Business Intelligence

    Create a data-driven culture through business intelligence


    Business intelligence is a term used for the technology that enables data preparation, data mining, data management, and data visualisation, historical and current, so they can quickly uncover actionable insights for making strategic decisions.


    Find performance gaps, market trends, or new revenue opportunities more quickly and put your business in a better place to make informed decisions and advance your position within the marketplace.

    Identify actionable information from raw data

    Business intelligence tools and processes allow you to identify information from raw data by analysing performance metrics and extracting insights in real time. By processing large data sets across multiple sources and presenting findings in visual formats you can facilitate data driven decision making.

    Improve the way work is done

    Customer experience

    Access customer information in one place, direct resources to key areas that will positively impact customer engagement and support.

    Sales and marketing

    Gain visibility into sales and marketing performance, consumer behaviour, and buying trends ensuring future marketing initiatives are effective.


    Automate routine analytics tasks, refining processes, reducing inefficiencies, and increasing productivity.


    Use dashboards to get a holistic view of financial health, study historical data, calculate risk, and predict trends.

    Inventory Control

    Improve inventory management, accelerate fulfilment, and help anticipate buying trends with data analysis and reporting.

    Security and compliance

    Centralise data to make it easier to uncover errors, security issues, and reduce compliance risks.

    Computing at scale

    Enable everyone at every level of your organisation

    Self-service business intelligence platforms make it available to everyone from executives to operations teams enabling the quick discovery of trends and inconsistencies. Interactive data dashboards, charts, graphs, and maps that help your workforce see what’s going on in the business in real time.

    Speed up information analysis and performance evaluation

    Benefit from using business intelligence tools and experience the ability to reduce inefficiencies, flag potential problems, find new revenue streams, and identify areas of future growth through increased efficiency of operational processes, insights into customer behaviour and shopping patterns and accurate tracking of sales, marketing, and financial performance.

    With clear benchmarks based on historical and current data it’s possible to receive instant alerts about data anomalies and customer issues. This analysis can then be shared in real-time across departments.

    Arrange a meeting

    Features and benefits of enterprise scale self-service analytics

    Reduce cost

    Reduce complexity

    Reduce security risks

    Analytics platform that scales

    Smart tools

    Meaningful insights

    Data visualisations

    Built-in AI capabilities

    Excel integration

    Sensitivity labelling

    End-to-end encryption

    Real-time access monitoring

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