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    Computing at Scale

    Scalability within cloud architecture is key for computing at scale


    Computing at scale is about adding or reducing IT resources to meet the changes in demand and the ability of a system to accommodate larger or smaller loads. Businesses can scale up or down, if your business needs more storage capacity or processing power you want the system to scale easily and quickly.

    Ditch time-consuming and expensive physical infrastructure

    Minimal disruption when scaling your business is the main reason cloud computing solutions are becoming the first choice for many. On-premises physical infrastructure can incur a heavy expense when attempting to scale up and leaves excess cost if scaling down plus the time required to do this and the extra financial strain of IT professionals to maintain these systems.

    Major characteristics of cloud computing





    Self-service and on-demand

    Easy to maintain

    Pooling of resources

    Reporting service

    Availability and resilience

    Considerable network access

    Computing at scale

    Advantages of cloud scalability

    Businesses use the cloud to scale because it is cost efficient with zero upfront costs of technical equipment and engineers to manage them, convenient and flexible allowing for response and adaptation to shifting business requirements with speed and efficiency.


    With the ability to use high-powered resources, cloud computing scalability allows access to powerful software and data tools. Scalable cloud applications allow for a reduction in disaster recovery costs and can scale to fit your data storage requirements.

    Meet your changing needs

    Stay competitive by applying cloud scalability to your IT operations. When a business grows it may need more resources, cloud scalability enables a rapid response and also offers a cost-effective solution.

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