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    Technology Investment Done Right

    Pieces of circuit boards (Technology Investment)

    Technology Investment Done Right

    In this article, we present 3 ways to safeguard your IT assets through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).




    Our first responsibility as your Technology Success Partner (TSP) is to efficiently manage your network and technology investments and assets in order to keep them safe and optimised so that you can stay productive. We use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and secure your organisation in order to accomplish this. This way, we are able to provide top technological asset monitoring and management services, resulting in better service and a significant reduction in the risk of downtime or disruptions to your operations.


    This allows you to dedicate more attention to the aspects of your business that are most important. In exchange for your trust in our services, we give you peace of mind.


    Proactive Support


    As our client, you don’t have to worry about major downtime as we address potential issues before they turn into catastrophes. Our RMM tool continuously oversees your devices, apps, operating systems, network activity and everything else that is connected to the Internet. Clever automation resolves common issues from affecting your network.


    The tool is always on – that’s the beauty of cloud-hosted RMM. We leverage this to gain 24/7/365 visibility and keep your server, business-critical computers, and everything else up fully operational.


    Patching is the praxis of applying a set of changes to update, fix, or improve a computer program. The main application is fixing security vulnerabilities. You guessed it: fully automated and part of the service!


    “RMM is the first line of defence in your combat against cyberthreats.”


    Insights That Work


    RMM enables visibility of everything that is going on in your network, as it shows machine health, security-relevant data, software activity, and overall performance. It can alert on the atypical activities like the rapid increase of computational power (CPU, RAM, storage) or networking activities that would suggest external interaction.


    In non-threatening situations, the reports created by our toll help you to make informed decisions supported by 24/7/365 data about your whole technology estate.


    “Get the right information when you need it!”


    There is no better way to improve utilisation, and to maximise your technology investment than by having all the ins and outs of every device and application that is used in your business.




    IQ in IT is a Technology Success Provider and supports you as your outsourced IT department. If you have any questions or would like a deep dive on any of the topics discussed, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


    Questions: [email protected]


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