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A Guide to Microsoft MyAnalytics

Mind your head message

A Guide to Microsoft MyAnalytics

Let’s have a look at one of the many tools that come with the Microsoft SaaS Package.

In a world that turned into one big Teams meeting over 4 different devices and infinite time zones, it’s worth asking why productivity is not necessarily increasing. Is a meeting always adding value or do we have them for the sake of having a meeting? It certainly sounds important, very important even.

“I just had a very important project meeting about flame powered food processing with my lifelong mentor and friend, where I learned about his preferences.”

… just asked my dad how he wants his steak – although I should know that by now.

From experience, everybody knows that it takes a bit more than just sending an invite and hang around for half an hour to call it a productive meeting. Microsoft happens to offer a solution to help with this thought process. MyAnalytics provides insights into two of the key factors in personal productivity.

How do you spend your time and who do you spend it with?

It can be hard to go deep on your most challenging work when you are distracted by back-to-back meetings and endless notifications.

Want focus time every day? Plan your week!

By blocking just 2 hours of time for focused work into your calendar every day, you can get more done in less time, master your task list, and unleash your creativity. Block some time out to finish the report for your director, write that blog post about productivity, get that proposal out before your competitor swoops in…

MyAnalytics helps with automation. It reserves time automatically, reduces distractions by muting Teams chats and provides weekly reports that show focus trends that allow you to plan ahead.

Your time in meetings should matter.

In case you can’t escape an invite to a meeting, make sure to make the most of it. Set expectations, clarify goals ahead of time, have an agenda – it sounds so obvious but enforcing it will lead to a more efficient team.


When was the last time you solved a massive problem all by yourself? Meeting new people and communicating with them helps with new ideas, different angles to problem-solving and quicker results. The key is healthy, productive communication – internally and externally.

Are you growing your network?

The MyAnalytics Network page shows how many people you actively connect with in the last month and gives you suggestions on how to improve connections with your most important contacts, such as your manager or your direct reports.

It also shows your top collaborators in either a map or list view, enables you to view details about the important people in your network and suggests people to add to your important list of people and grow your network.

Have a look here for more information.


Working from home (I know…it’s probably the first time that someone picked this topic…) came with a bunch of challenges. People work whenever their phone rings, inevitably more than their contractual hours. This leads to a disconnect from friends, partners, family and leaves individuals even more isolated than the lockdown already did.

“People who disconnect daily from work, report lower levels of stress and anxiety.”

While more and more restrictions are being lifted, “old habits” take some time to exit the new work culture. So, in reality, we need to find a consensus that keeps friends, colleagues and customers sane and mentally healthy.


Be smarter with your time and other resources. Not every meeting needs the whole team to be involved, especially not when nobody planned it.

Not every Teams chat message needs to have top priority. Switching between tasks costs time and leads to worse results – literally a lose/lose scenario.

Make sure to take the breaks that you need to make your working hours matter. Your family and friends will thank you for it, so will your mental health.

Your network is your biggest asset. There is nothing wrong with collaboration if done right.

Use Microsoft MyAnalytics to improve your working habits.

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