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    Inspiring youth to pursue their technological interests

    From left to right: Louis, Kafia, Katerina

    Inspiring youth to pursue their technological interests

    IQ in IT had the opportunity to be a part of the careers fair, held by the South London Partnership, and discuss technological opportunities plus apprenticeships at Chessington School. As our own team consists of many apprentices, we wanted to show that anybody with a passion for technology can join the IT industry.

    With technology not just being the future but the present, lots of students were interested in furthering their curiosity with the tech they’ve grown up with when conversing with us. Interests ranging from coding and just learning the functions of a computer, a new generation of tech experts are coming soon. Being there allowed us to encourage young people that regardless of how well school goes, if you have the passion and drive for it you can do anything your heart desires. At such a young age it’s daunting to think about how you can even get into any workforce so we really wanted to press that there are a multitude of ways of going about that. The traditional route of going to university isn’t the most beneficial for some, interest in apprenticeships has been growing and being given the chance to be at the careers fair allowed us to discuss in depth of going into said apprenticeships. As mentioned before, our own team consists of many apprentices so with having that experience with us we had the ability to discuss how they work and the advantages of going into one.

    We especially wanted to encourage any girls interested in tech as though there has been an increase of women joining the IT industry, girls are still discouraged to pursue technology at school and beyond. It’s unfortunate that this still happens but that is why we want to take a stance against that discouragement and show that there is no valid reason to be discouraged from joining the tech world if you genuinely want to. Being able to talk to the girls interested, we hope to have made a impact with them to pursue their enjoyment for tech. We had also set out some questions, regarding IT, for the students who came to us to get the chance to win either a USB charger or a webcam cover if they got it correct. All in all, we had a great time there and hope to join many more in the future!

    Many thanks to Amanda, from South London Partnership, for inviting us to be at the careers fair. With this experience under our belt, we are looking forward to continue sharing the advantages of apprenticeships and discussing the technological interests of people from a range of ages.

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