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    How to upgrade your Security! (Hint: It’s called EDR)


    How to upgrade your Security! (Hint: It’s called EDR)

    Unfortunately anti-virus software is out of date. It’s definitely still needed but can’t keep up with the latest and greatest cyber threats that are becoming more prevalent. The ones that can sneak past your anti-virus and wreak havoc on your endpoints. The ones that can steal your data, encrypt your files, or spy on your privacy. But don’t worry, there’s a better way to protect your endpoints from these cyber villains. It’s called managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

    Managed EDR is a super endpoint security solution that combines cutting-edge technology with awesome security experts who watch over your endpoints 24/7. For 45% of MSPs who have EDR, a major driver for adoption was things getting past their traditional AV (Anti-Virus).

    We have also noticed that every 3 years, the security landscape changes from recent studies. From 2017 to 2019, cyber attacks peaked to 46% but lessened to 32% in 2019. However it shot back up to 46% in 2020, showing that previous cyber security methods were being breached.

    With Managed EDR, you can prevent these sorts of attacks much faster. The following benefits are:

    Proactive Threat Detection

    Managed Endpoint Detection and Response uses multiple sensors to sniff out any suspicious activity on your endpoints, such as memory, processes, network, and common attack patterns. Managed EDR uses smart algorithms and threat intelligence to spot signs of attack (IOAs) and signs of compromise (IOCs) that may indicate a breach or an ongoing attack. Managed EDR can also catch zero-day threats and file-less malware that can slip through your anti-virus like butter.

    Faster Threat Response

    Managed Endpoint Detection and Response not only detects threats, but also helps you remove them from of your endpoints. Managed EDR lets you isolate, contain, and remediate compromised endpoints with a few clicks, minimizing the impact and damage of an incident. Managed EDR also gives you details about each threat, such as who’s behind it, what they’re after, and how they’re doing it. Plus, managed EDR works well with other security products in your environment, such as SIEM or firewall, to enable a coordinated response across your network.

    Expert Security Analysis

    Managed EDR is more than just a fancy gadget. It also comes with a team of real security analysts who review the data generated by the EDR tool and tell you which alerts are worth your attention. The analysts also do proactive threat hunting to find hidden or dormant threats in your environment that may have dodged detection by the EDR tool. The analysts work with your IT team to triage, investigate, and remediate incidents, giving you tips and tricks to prevent future attacks.

    Reduced Complexity and Cost

    Managed Endpoint Detection and Response removes the stress by taking care of your endpoint security for you. You don’t have to worry about installing, configuring, updating, or maintaining the EDR tool or storing and analysing the huge amount of data it produces. You also don’t have to hire, train, or retain in-house security experts to monitor and respond to threats. Managed EDR provides you with a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that delivers superior endpoint protection without adding complexity or overhead to your IT resources.


    Managed EDR is a modern endpoint security solution that can help you protect your endpoints from sophisticated cyber threats that can evade traditional anti-virus solutions. Managed EDR provides proactive threat detection, faster threat response, expert security analysis, and reduced complexity and cost for your endpoint security. You can get more insight on how Endpoint Detection and Response works through Huntress: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (huntress.com)

    If you want to add to your security and get managed EDR, contact us today for a free consultation. Email us via our email or call us on 0330 1224 420.

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