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Support: 0208 1668 716 | Sales: 0330 1224 420

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    IT support in Kingston-Upon-Thames

    IT Support in Kingston

    IT support in Kingston-Upon-Thames

    Providing Enterprise level IT support to businesses in Kingston-Upon-Thames

    IT support is quintessential nowadays, no matter where you are in the world. We all come across a problem that we don’t know how to solve. At IQ in IT, we’re proud to be able to provide our services to any businesses in need of help.

    About us

    We are an IT managed service provider (MSP) based in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, serving our SME customers the highest quality, enterprise-level IT support services who are trusted by the Greater London Authority, University College London, Promethean and the Met Police. We’re here to manage, monitor and support IT alongside phone networks to all busy business in Kingston and beyond. Our services include:

    • Cloud-based solutions (Allows an ‘access from anywhere’ environment)
    • Security (Protection from malware & staff training to stay resilient from cyber-crimes such as security corruptions and data losses)
    • Connectivity (Broadband connections, leased lines, failover lines & mobile connectivity)
    • Collaborations (Microsoft Teams, Voice over IP & SharePoint)

    Though we are a small team we’re involved in big things.

    We take great pride in doing our part to help the environment and one of those ways have been through supporting Citizen Zoo. Citizen Zoo aims to help rewild our wildlife and we’ve been happily volunteering with them in their efforts to rewild people and places. Our most recent efforts was back in March at the New Malden triangle, removing invasive species and cleaning out the area to bring it back to it’s intended state. IQ in IT are also proud members of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, who aim to encourage local businesses in Kingston-Upon-Thames to share common issues and give them a voice to influence local decision-making. Alongside being a part of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, we also support local businesses and charities such as Creative Youth, Kingston Charitable Foundation and Musical Moving. We’re passionate about our borough and how we can help resolve any issues that happens in our community, whether IT related or not.

    What is IT support?

    To put it simply IT support is services given by expert technicians and specialists to a company or individual, providing solutions to any technological problems you may face. Whether that’s having issues logging in or a breakdown happening in your system, the experts can help you solve any issue you may encounter. For a business, it’s much more than that. They can provide help with installations, setups, configurations and so much more.

    How IT support helps businesses

    For a business, IT support isn’t just about giving a helping hand for issues you run into. We’ve mentioned some of the services but there is so much more than that. Some of them are:

    • Investigate, diagnose & solve hardware and software issues
    • Repairing/upgrading equipment
    • Back up & Disaster recovery
    • Enhanced cyber-security
    • Leased lines

    With IT support, your business can focus on doing what your business does best. Having IT support means more time focusing on completing your tasks, developing future business plans and anything else you and your business need to do. Without the hassle of looming technological problems, your productivity and speed can also improve and help your business flourish even more in the field you are in.

    Questions: [email protected]

    Here's our live calendar!

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