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    Learn the Newest Microsoft Edge Features

    Human using laptop at a table with coffee

    Learn the Newest Microsoft Edge Features

    We are pleased to see that Microsoft Edge continues to raise the bar for user experience, driven by Microsoft’s focus on innovation. The latest enhancements introduce a plethora of functionalities aimed at boosting efficiency, security, and overall satisfaction in web navigation. While Chrome has been the favourite browser for the average user for years, Edge has been gaining market share with every update. It’s now ranked 3rd after Chrome and Safari after overtaking Firefox a while ago. 

    Microsoft Edge transcends the traditional browser role, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for digital navigation. IQ in IT believes the addition of personalised workspaces and an in-house VPN makes Edge an indispensable tool for the modern internet user. Let’s explore the innovative features of Microsoft Edge that are set to transform your online experience. 

    A New Era of Productivity: Microsoft Edge Workspaces

    Introduction to Workspaces

    Microsoft Edge Workspaces fundamentally changes the approach to online task organisation. Envision a dedicated digital space for each project, integrating relevant tabs, documents, and websites into a cohesive unit. This innovation enables users to craft comprehensive workspaces tailored to their various digital activities, whether for work, leisure, or personal projects, thus offering a streamlined and organised browsing environment.  

    Those of us at IQ in IT that have been using workspaces consistently in our Kingston office have found that they are extremely useful for segmenting different work-types and projects to create browsing experiences that are tailored to the specific subject or task relevant to that portfolio of work. For example, if you have a selection of bookmarks and tools that you regularly use for marketing, you can now create a unified workspaces with all the resources in one area. 

    Image source: Microsoft 

    Key Features of Microsoft Edge Workspaces

    1. Customization: Assign distinctive names and colours to each workspace, simplifying the identification and navigation between different projects. 
    1. Seamless Transitioning: Effortlessly switch between workspaces with a single click, moving smoothly between diverse sets of tabs and resources tied to specific endeavours. 
    1. Consistency: Workspaces retain their setups even after the browser is closed and reopened, allowing for uninterrupted workflow continuity. 
    1. Focused Browsing: The workspace design minimises distractions, enabling a concentrated approach to the task at hand. 

    Enhanced Security with Edge Secure Network VPN

    Built-in VPN

    In a significant stride towards reinforcing its user’s privacy and security, Microsoft introduces the Edge Secure Network, featuring an integrated VPN service, into its Edge browser. This addition encrypts internet connections, safeguarding user data and ensuring a private browsing experience. With 5GB of complimentary VPN data monthly, Edge further secures users’ digital footprints. If you do work on public networks from time to time but don’t have access to a reputable VPN service, you could consider using Edge for the free security features it includes.  

    Key Benefits of the VPN in Microsoft Edge

    1. Privacy Protection: Conceals IP addresses, thwarting attempts by malicious entities to track online activities, crucial for public Wi-Fi use and sensitive transactions. 
    1. Encrypted Connections: Establishes a secure conduit for data exchange, mitigating the risk of data breaches. 
    1. Location Masking: Presents a generic location to websites, maintaining geographic relevance without revealing the exact location, without allowing for specific region selection. 
    1. Free Data Allocation: Offers 5GB of free VPN data monthly, with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu exempt from the VPN to preserve data. 

    Other New Features Added to Microsoft Edge Browser

    Microsoft continuously bolsters Edge with new features to further enhance the user experience: 

    1. Form Autofill: Simplifies online form completion with predictive text. 
    1. Web Capture: Facilitates screenshot capture of selected areas or entire pages. 
    1. Copilot: Integrates AI capabilities for image generation, email drafting, and more. 
    1. Read Aloud: Offers an auditory content experience, enabling multitasking. 

    Get Help Exploring Your Microsoft Services

    Microsoft Edge is at the forefront of offering a productivity-enhancing, secure, and private browsing experience. The browser’s latest updates allow for a paradigm shift in how we interact with the web. If your organization seeks to maximise the benefits of Microsoft solutions, from Edge’s innovations to Microsoft 365 tools, our team of experts are happy to help.  

    Explore the full potential of these technologies to streamline and secure your digital operations today. 

    Contact us to discover how our IT support specialists can optimise your digital workflow. 

    This article is published with permission from The Technology Press.