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    Windows 10 – worth the upgrade?

    Windows symbol (windows 10)

    Windows 10 – worth the upgrade?

    The first question when a new operating system is coming into the market is: Shall I upgrade or shall I wait? And probably the next question you will ask yourself is: Is it safe?

    Well, let’s not get worried now as the best Windows yet is here. There are at least 10 reasons for upgrading however I will give you the top five reasons and even more on the latest and greatest:


    • It’s free
    • It’s still the desktop you love and your stuff comes with you
    • Get Cortana and get to know the Edge
    • Quick start up and performance
    • Access to Windows store: get apps, music and more


    And the really new feature in Windows 10 is Cortana – your new personal assistant. As Cortana sounds like a lovely female name she will help you with anything you have given her access to and she can even talk. In order to get in touch with Cortana you simply type a question in the search box on the taskbar or you select the microphone and ask Cortana, like ‘Change my 3pm event to 4pm’.

    Also, multi-tasking for the user should now be so much easier. She will help you to find things not only on your computer, she will manage your calendar, find files, chat and more.

    The best one to come, Windows 10 is mostly a mobile operating system, just like Apple iOS and Google Android, it’s designed to run also on smartphones and tablets. So now we have got it all under one umbrella. With the all new OP system they are never perfect and finished however which system is perfect? None however upgrade to a newer system are recommendable, easy and in this case it is for free.

    On the other hand, not everyone will get Windows 10. If you have got Windows 7 or 8 you could wait a bit to see how all goes as Microsoft will roll out its new system in waves.

    So overall the main plus for an upgrade is your own personal assistant ‘Cortana ‘ and for those who like apps, music, fun and more to have access to Windows store.

    All new operation systems are easy and fast to upgrade and just a touch or a click away. So if you go ahead don’t forget to ensure that your privacy settings are set as you had it in your previous version (set your privacy settings under Customize settings, and more is available in settings for location, camera, microphone, contacts, calendar, apps and more).

    And finally in order to upgrade you need to reserve first on the Microsoft web page and wait.


    Any questions chat or tweet with us we would love to hear about all of your experiences or help you out!

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    Sorry to interrupt but Windows 10 is only free until 29th July….

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