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    Get ready and be secure in 2016

    Get ready and be secure in 2016

    Nowadays, there is a simple but secure solution to protect data stored on your payment cards, ID card and ePassport from theft and fraud. Billions of contactless cards are used worldwide every day for payment, access control and other applications. Radio frequency identification (RFID) a technologies that uses radio waves to automatically identify people or objects, has made life easier, but renders data more vulnerable to theft, cloning and accidental transactions.

    The Contactless Card Protector manufactured by Databac Group effectively blocks RFID signals sent to readers or smartphones by fraudsters to illegally copy personal information stored on your credentials.

    How does the Contactless Card Protector work?

    Simply place the Contactless Card Protector in your wallet with your contactless card and you are protected against digital theft and accidental payment (works if your contactless card protector is in contact with your contactless cards). It is credit card sized as standard for a perfect fit.

    Which cards are protected? Payment card ,  ID & access control card ,  Loyalty and membership card , Keycard and security badge,  Transport card and ePassport

    Call us now for security review: 0330 1224 420, book an appointment with us or stay in touch with us on twitter

    Questions: [email protected] 


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